More memories of election 2008


New MP Justin Trudeau hugs his brother Alexandre Trudeau after he wins the election.

Trudeau’s wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

The food at Trudeau’s victory party.

CTV’s Seamus O’Regan spent election night at Trudeau’s HQ.

Trudeau at a Bangladesh celebration in Montreal marking the 400th anniversary of Dhaka as the Bangladesh capital.

Quebec Liberal MPs Denis Coderre (left) and Irwin Cotler.

Montreal MP Marlene Jennings with her legislative assistant Liam McGuinty.

Quebec Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez with supporters wearing Pablo hockey shirts.

Stéphane Dion supporter in Montreal.

Dion gets a smooch.

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More memories of election 2008

  1. Is that McGuinty related to the David/Dalton dynasty?

  2. Don’t those CTV guys have any shame? They trash the leader and then turn up for free food.

  3. yes Andrew, he is..

  4. Wow that is so suprising that a Liberal child is a Liberal. I wish I could meet him.

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