More revelations about the spill and no end in sight -

More revelations about the spill and no end in sight

A BP rig worker says he identified a leak in safety equipment before the explosion


Deepwater Horizon rig worker Tyrone Benton told the BBC that he identified a leak in the oil rig’s safety equipment weeks before the explosion. Benton said the leak was not fixed at the time, and that the faulty device was shut down and a second one used instead. BP said rig owners Transocean were responsible for the maintenance of that piece of equipment. Transocean countered that by saying it tested the device successfully before the accident. This is just one of the examples U.S. Congress may point to when it accuses BP of making decisions for financial reasons, putting cost ahead of safety. On Monday, BP also announced that its partners in the leaking oil well must share responsibility for the costs in dealing with the disaster. In a public statement, BP said all partners shared in liability for damage resulting from exploration. For example, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., which has a 25 per cent stake in the well, should help to pay for the spill. But Anadarko accused BP of negligence in operating the rig, and said that a joint operating agreement makes BP responsible to co-owners for damage due to negligence or willful misconduct. In another statement on Monday, BP said it has now spent $2 billion trying to stop the deep-water spill, including $105 million for 32,000 damage claims. With no end in sight, costs will continue to rise.


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More revelations about the spill and no end in sight

  1. i now notice this is not in the news near as much as before it is as if the leak is stoped or is it bad to continue to show the world just how coruppt and incopetent these #%$# bp morons are as they distroy this fragil eco systems for the world.I wonder how happy the people in alaska are all you have to do is dig down a meter or less to find the oil that the exxon left behind. But hay out of sight out of our minds and I am sure that bp is counting on the fact that us peeons will soon forget . I for one will not and I for one will never deal with bp again I guess I'm just bitter that way I only hope am noy alone I realize my lone stand means nothing to these jackasses but maybe if it became a movement that hit these jas in the pocket book the only place they seem to resond to it just might be seen by other big companies and even get there attention although greed is omni potent so is the fear of lossing everything. So lets hold all those resondsable accuontable for a change