More sex, better sperm

Daily intercourse improves its quality


Couples trying to have a baby should have sex every day, according to a study by Dr. David Greening, an Australian infertility physician. Daily intercourse improves sperm quality because frequent ejaculation reduces the amount of time sperm is exposed to molecules inside the testicular ducts, known as reactive oxygen species, that may cause damage. Greening recommends that couples have sex every day for a week before the woman begins ovulation in order to maximize their chances of getting pregnant.

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More sex, better sperm

  1. what a fantastic idea hehe, i like this doctor he thinks like me, everyday whoohoo wait till i tell the misses

  2. If I tell this to my better half she will respond; nothing in there says I have to do anything.

  3. What the hell……..

    Back in my day the rule was every second day, no matter what: that was supposed to deliver the best combination of quality and quantity, or something like that…