More Toronto gay Pride events


Part of Toronto Pride was its Gala & Awards ceremony where politicians hobnobbed with who’s who of the gay community.

Toronto Liberal MP Mario Silva.



Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty with drag queens.



Enza Anderson with autographed photo of her and Dalton McGuinty.



Anderson with Toronto Liberal MP Bob Rae.




Pride Toronto grand marshal and former NDP candidate El-Farouk Khaki.



Former Toronto Progressive Conservative candidate Pamela Taylor and young Tory Shane Barnes.



Toronto drag star Sofonda Cox.




Toronto drag star Michelle Ross.



Sachin Aggarwal from Michael’s Ignatieff’s office.



Toronto photographer David Hawe (left) and Dean Odorico, general manager of Toronto’s premier gay bar Woody’s.



Philanthropist Salah Bachir took home the Lifetime Achievement award.



Matthew Cutler took home the Youth Leadership award.



Leo Zuniga took home the Human Rights award. Zuniga, a refugee from Mexico, is waiting for his humanitarian and compassionate hearing to see whether he can stay in Canada.



fab Magazine Deep Dish columnist Rolyn Chambers.

IMG_5547 reporter Michael Pihach.



One of the ushers.



Also as part of Toronto’s Pride week, the 519 Church Street Community Centre held an outdoor park fundraiser called Starry Night.

519 Church Street Community Centre board chairman and OUTtv host Mathieu Chantelois.



Toronto NDP MP Olivia Chow and web designer Joey Wargachuk.



Toronto Liberal MP Mario Silva (left) with actor Nathaniel Bacon.



Actress/writer and transsexual star Nina Arsenault.



Toronto Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.



Former Degrassi: The Next Generation star Adamo Ruggiero.



Toronto city councillor Kyle Rae and former Toronto mayor Barbara Hall



See the Toronto Pride parade pics here.


More Toronto gay Pride events

  1. What? No non-politician women at the event? Or does Mitchell have a few man crushes?

    • Jason – are you saying Nina is not a woman?!? :)

  2. Okay, Canada is proud. Very proud. And the same sex people have overcome eons of discrimination, hate, abasement, and just about everything. But as small"l"liberal society puts the final touches to the implementation of inclusion, self-centered behavior, ask not what I can do for the state, but ask what the state can do for me, a monster is about to strike.

    Canada is infertile, and no argument seems capable of dismissing this factual reality. We introduce twice as many immigrants to our country as the big bad neighbor to the south. And we're doing this not so much because we are a collection of rabid philanthropists but rather for ourselves: shoring up the-tax base, replenishing the population, providing maintenance for a boat which cannot float on it's own.

    We are heading towards a demographic shift where the old exhausted generation of Bob Rae, will become statistically insignificant. Perhaps the new Canadians will realize that the success of a society cannot be measured by it's liberating attitude, if in the end, it ignores the necessity to reproduce.

    • …and how many kids do you have? Are you doing you're part?

    • The good news is, those immigrants can keep on coming! And Canadian society, inclusive and welcoming (at least in our imaginations) can change and grow with them. The secret, to my mind, is having a diverse immigration policy. You know, not everyone be from China, for example. There is no 'natural law' that says Canada must be made of a society of white men from Britain and/or France. Ask the First Nations people. Successful societies are ones with the ability to change.

  3. Somebody buy that poor oppressed usher a shirt!

  4. That Nina is looking gorgeous !