Most Quebecers want Jean Charest to resign -

Most Quebecers want Jean Charest to resign

PQ leader Pauline Marois nearly as unpopular as premier


Jean Charest’s name continues to be mud. A new Leger Marketing poll suggests 57 percent of Quebecers believe the premier should step down. Though this may sound like good news for the Parti Québécois, which would likely win an election tomorrow afternoon, the same poll says Quebecers have about the same regard for PQ leader Pauline Marois. What’s more, 40 percent of respondents say they are undecided, suggesting a wide-ranging malaise with politicians in general throughout the province. Indeed, an Angus Reid poll suggests more voters believe former Justice Minister Marc Bellemare’s allegations of favouritism in the selection of judges—even though Bellemare himself has contradicted himself many times.

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Most Quebecers want Jean Charest to resign

  1. …and who says Quebec is not just like the rest of Canada?

    Hey…we're all fed up with our politicians!

  2. I like Charest so this is unfortunate for me.
    However sine Maurois isn't doing much better, there's a t least that much!

  3. Can anyone name a a truly popular Canadian politician in either Federal or Provincial politics? It keeps coming down to who we dislike the least is winning.

    • Danny Williams! ..I think he is popular for bashing the federal government and quebec

  4. who wants to bet that the liberal premiers of ontario, bc and quebec are on their way out

    • Again, it's who you dislike least– Hudak isn't replacing McGuinty anytime soon.

      • Except Quebec seems to have a total vacancy in the who-do-you-like-least position.