Mother charged in Alberta boys’ death -

Mother charged in Alberta boys’ death

Allyson Louise McConnell charged with two counts of second-degree murder


Three weeks after the boys’ father discovered their bodies in the family’s bathtub, the mother of 2 ½ year old Connor and 10 month old Jayden has been charged with their murder. The RCMP said it waited to lay charges in order to establish “reasonable and probable grounds,” that McConnell had “committed an offence.” She’s been remanded into custody but will be under 24-hour supervision at a medical facility until deemed well enough to be moved to a correctional facility. Privacy issues prevent her illness from being made public, but McConnell is expected to appear in provincial court on March 16.

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Mother charged in Alberta boys’ death

  1. She's not in jail, and she's not going to go to jail, because she's a woman, and we don't send women, or children, or dogs and cats, to jail in Canada. Two dead babies in a bathtub, hubby finds them, and it takes them three weeks to establish reasonable and probable grounds for homocide. And of course she's faking or exploiting an illness to avoid jail.

    There are three people dead in the states because the cops went soft on a female killer the first time Amy Bishop killed. Let's hope this one doesn't kill again too after not serving her non-sentence.