Mother urges protection for coyotes that killed her daughter -

Mother urges protection for coyotes that killed her daughter

Musician Taylor Mitchell’s mother says daughter was “environmentalist”


The mother of Canadian folk musician Taylor Mitchell says her daughter would not have wanted the coyotes that killed Mitchell to be put to death. The 19-year-old died on Tuesday after she was attacked by coyotes while on a hike in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The statement by Mitchell’s mother was in response to a recent announcement that the pack of coyotes that attacked her daughter would be killed. Calling her daughter a “seasoned naturalist” and “environmentalist,” the elder Mitchell says her daughter “wouldn’t have wanted their demise, especially as a result of her own. She was passionate about animals, was an environmentalist and was also planning to volunteer at the Toronto Wildlife Centre in the coming months.” Taylor’s producer, Michael Johnston, said the girl had a promising career ahead of her: “Musicians saw in her the rarest of the gifts—an ability to sing not only from the heart, but in a way that transcended her age and experience and became something universal.”


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Mother urges protection for coyotes that killed her daughter

  1. An how will the mother feel if these same coyotes attack and kill again? And what will she say to the new parents?

    • Yeah that's… funny?

  2. the girl is dead the mother weeps she says let the coyotes that killed her stay alive…at this point and time the daughter does not cares…she is dead for crying out loud…what logic is she trying to spew? humility? understanding? smarts? or what may i ask?

  3. It could very well be that the Coyotes don't pose a serious risk to human beings. The victim might have inappropriately approached or spooked the animals. I don't particularly like the fact that wild animals who are involved in a violent altercation with humans are automatically considered man-eaters, regardless of the circumstances involved.

  4. "Seasoned naturalist and environmentalist?" At nineteen? Are you kidding me? Well if she is,how did she manage to get herself killed by "harmless wildlife" where there is no record of anyone being killed in an animal attack in the last century as far as I know. It's obvious that she and her mother graduated from the anti sealing, enviro-dogooder school promoted by Lizzie May and Al Gore. They would likely be very suprised to learn these scavengers are not native to Cape Breton or Eastern Canada for that matter. Other species that are native to this habitat will soon be on the endagered list as the Coyote is wiping them out at an alarming rate. Might be part of the reason they are starting to come after people. People who actually live and work on the land have a much different solution. A shotgun. Cheers.

    • I'm not particularly in favour of trying to "fix" ecosystems by introducing animals or trying to cull animals either. It generally does more harm than good. Generally, nature knows how to recover itself better.

  5. Told you left is a mental disorder. A 'seasoned' naturalist and environmentalist from Toronto at the wise old age of 19–yea, right.
    Let the left put their kids up for dinner for some of these predators–me–I'm gonna kill 'em.

  6. i saw a nature show on coyotes before..they are apparenlty almost impossible to wipe out..
    in vancouver when you see sings for missing cats and smal dogs thats where some of them ended up
    coyotes and cougars will attack humans and they do …i would carry pepper spray, that would surely deter them in the rare chance that you are the one they are after…also a nice fair sized mag light flashlight