Mounties, airport security accused of privacy rights violations

Privacy Commissioner slams both agencies


The federal privacy commissioner blasted the RCMP and the agency that guards Canadian airports on Thursday, accusing both of violating the privacy of citizens in unnecessary and possibly illegal ways. In an audit released to Parliament, Jennifer Stoddart said the Mounties were holding on to private information on wrongly accused or pardoned Canadians. Under privacy laws, that data should be scrapped. Stoddart also had harsh words for the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency. Stoddart said the air security agency is too focused on solving crimes, not keeping planes safe, and may be encroaching on privacy rights as result.

National Post

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Mounties, airport security accused of privacy rights violations

  1. not only that they are sharing this information with foreign governments namely USA which then denies entry at the border and causes canadians to miss their flights

  2. For the most part, our selves and carry on bagage have been scrutinized by recent immigrants to our country who are working for private contractors hired by the CATSA. I am sure that subjecting a couple of senior citizens to this ridiculous procedure is a subject of hilarity in their corporate boardroom while we all know that the danger exists with the ground crews that service the planes.

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