Mounties say they're sorry -

Mounties say they’re sorry

RCMP to offer formal apology to Dziekanski’s mother


The RCMP’s deputy commissioner for the Pacific region plans to apologize to Zofia Cisowski, the mother of Robert Dziekanski, during a Thursday press conference. The Mounties will also announce they’ve reached a settlement deal with Cisowski, though details remain confidential. Gary Bass is expected to apologize on behalf of the force for Dziekanski’s death at the hands of police who used a taser on the Polish citizen at Vancouver’s airport. RCMP deputy commissioner Bill Sweeney apologized for the incident in May 2009, while declining to admit his officers had behaved inappropriately. It’s not clear whether Bass will take any responsibility for the officers’ actions.

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Mounties say they’re sorry

  1. ,,,,good for the mother…. and the rcmp should also apologize to poland…and the guy that took the footage should also be rewarded!

  2. The sad thing is that if any one was just held accountable right away, a Delta, B.C. motorcyclist, apparently killed by one of these upstanding airport cops while drunk may still be alive today. I can understand an organisation's need to circle the wagons around one of its members, but just blind defence and sloppy cover-up attempts, even after all the lies became blatant, did no favours for the RCMP. I guess since the approach works in most cases not involving a video, there is no real incentive to change.

  3. It's shameful enough that four (4) Mounties can't handle an (1) unarmed and innocent man without using weapons. What is even more shameful is the fact, that there is no immediate show of accountability; either from the "Force" and/or those in power, who are entrusted to do so. But why pretend to be surprised; when the people of this Province saw fit to elect a Gordon Campbell and cohorts into office?