Movember madness


Liberal MP Justin Trudeau said last year he went for a three musketeers stache but this year it was more pirate. “It’s more roguish,” he quipped.


Three quarters of the way through the month Conservative MP Ed Holder has a beard and is still deciding what moustache to go for. Please leave any suggestions.


Movember madness

  1. Way to gro Mo Bros. Hope you like my Made in Manitoba Movember Musical – Grow a Muzzy in Movember  http://youtu.be/_vCsriXUzJY

  2. Lovelorn Raphael constantly taking photos of vain Trudeau – virtuous circle. 

    • Amazing how many are threatened by Trudeau. 

  3. shouldn’t he address his perm/mullet first? more 90s cheese.

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