MPs and chocolate fudge cheddar cheese!


The Dairy Farmers of Canada held a special reception at the Fairmont Château Laurier for their 75th anniversary. The farmers served chocolate fudge cheddar and other tasty goodies.



NDP leader Jack Layton and NDP New Brunswick MP Yvon Godin.


Defence Minister Peter MacKay.


Ontario Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant.


NDP MPs (left to right) Dennis Bevington (Western Arctic), Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay–Superior North), Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt).


Manitoba Conservative MP James Bezan.


Bloc MP Claude Bachand.



Bloc MPs Christiane Gagnon (left), Paul Crête (beside Gagnon), France Bonsant (right) with farmers from Crête’s riding.


Liberal Senator Jerry Graftstein (left) and Tory Senator Don Oliver (centre) with other attendees.


Speaker Peter Milliken.


Alberta Tory MP Ted Menzies.


Braden Root, aide to Liberal MP Mario Silva.


Chris McCluskey, former program coordinator at the Manning Centre.


Stephen Taylor of bloggingtories.ca.


The Dairy Farmers of Canada celebrated their 75th anniversary with an ice sculpture.


Napkins for milk!



MPs and chocolate fudge cheddar cheese!

  1. Someone needs to tell us more about chocolate fudge cheddar!

    I’m intrigued.

    • It’s one of the tastiest cheeses I have ever had the pleasure of eating. It’s got a deep, rich cheddary flavour that almost immediately fades to a subtle and smooth chocolate finish as it hits your tongue. You can also pair this cheese with all kinds of different wines and food flavours. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

      The chocolate isn’t overpowering and it’s a wonderful addition to a plate of Canadian cheese. The raspberry version is also very good, but I prefer the straight chocolate version.

      I pick this cheese up at a specialty kitchen shop in Old Ottawa South. Mmmm….

  2. I’ve never heard of chocolate cheese cheddar – sounds interesting.

    Who dressed Menzies up to go out and play – ugh.

  3. This overpriced party for the elite subsidized by the Canadian consumer, paying through the nose for years for cartel-enforced overpriced milk and dairy products.

    • Ya, ya, ya… but they had CHOCOLATE FUDGE CHEDDAR!!!

      Keep your eye on the ball myl.


    • I think LKO is pregnant again. :)

      • Because someone would have to be pregnant to want chocolate raspberry cheese???

        We’re talking CHOCOLATE FUDGE CHEDDAR here. I can’t believe I’m the only one who’s really excited by this.

        • You’re not, LKO. I want some.

    • Cheese?
      Suddenly my Valentine’s Day chocolates seem… lacking in cheezy goodness.

    • Interesting article, thanks Sis. I have been wondering about all these receptions since I started paying attention to Mitchel Raphael and his photo posts. There seems to be an astonishing amount of lobbying going on and MPs from all parties are at the trough. I guess it’s not a surprise that the more government wants to get involved in markets/businesses, the amount of lobbying increases and distorts.

      • yeah, uh if you worked in one of those industries you might feel a little different… a little political attention (from all sides) while the economy is in bad shape might just be what you want. If it were only the government side that was being invited I would be a little concerned, not matter what government is in.

  4. The Chocolate Cheddar cheese listed is from http://www.pinerivercheese.com/ in Ontario- its aged like a real cheddar; they add cocoa powder during the processing. It has an intriguing flavour: not unlike fudge, not unlike cheddar.

    • It has an intriguing flavour: not unlike fudge, not unlike cheddar.

      I think i just threw up inside my mouth again.

      • I was kind of thinking the same thing, but then there is chocolate cheesecake…

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