MPs and some good wind -

MPs and some good wind


The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) held a reception at the Métropolitain Brasserie & Restaurant to schmooze about wind power. Below is Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt.



Transport Minister John Baird.



Baird with Robert Hornung, President of CanWEA.



NDP MP Megan Leslie.



Speaker Peter Milliken.



Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea.



(Left to right) Tory MPs Patrick Brown and Gord Brown.



Will Stewart of Navigator.






MPs and some good wind

  1. If wind power were economically viable on its own, d'ya think they would be resorting to such a shmoozefest? But, no. Invest a little in booze and food and a cellist in the corner and the MPs will show up in large numbers, and maybe a few billion of our dollars will get showered their way.

    Fascinating business model. Disgusting, but fascinating.

    Rhetorical question: do MPs and Ministers have no shame?

  2. Wow. Disappointed you didn't get an invite?

  3. You got to envy John Baird. Oh, the life of a bon vivant. He makes it look so easy

  4. Nope. Increasingly disappointed that I am a law-abiding productive taxpayer. Governments might want to reflect on the "increasingly disappointed" part of that first sentence.

  5. Cuz' god knows no other energy player would ever stoop to consorting with politicians in the hope of some favourable treatment?

  6. madeyoulook- Review what you wrote and then consider subsidies and tax breaks to the oil and gas sector. Then think about declining business taxes and rising personal taxes. Personally, if my taxes are going to be spent on business, I'd rather it go to renewable energy than oil sands or nuclear…..

  7. Jay, I don't have to re-read anything. I am just as pissed at all the similar private sector bribery of government officials in order to obtain a pass at the public trough.

  8. Every two bit lobby in Canada holds these cocktail partys. They don't change anyones mind. Thats not how politics works in this town. Half the time you dont even realize whos hosting the reception.

    There are two or three of these a night in Ottawa.

    • So, do you think everybody who hosts these shindigs are stupid for wasting their money? Or do you think they might know something about the (gullibility of the fed) value of these feel-good wining-dining parties that justifies their investment?

  9. Er…aren’t those windmills a tad small?

  10. Er…aren't those windmills a tad small?

    • It's not the size of the boat.

      I've never seen a vibrator of that particular design before.

  11. Lisa Raitt and John Baird pretending to give a rat's ass about the environment.

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    • They don't need Baird to care about the environment. They just want him to allow the placement of a windmill in front of his seat in the House.

      • Ha!

  12. Clearly they have no shame. I mean, attending a reception? Who will think of the children?

  13. Peter Milliken is absolutely rocking that bow-tie. The man is pure class.

  14. Wind power is so environmentally friendly. And we have these awesome little hunks of plastic that will go to landfill to drive that message home.

    • "Wind power is so environmentally friendly."

      Depends if you think wild animals are part of the environment.

      "Air pressure changes caused by wind farms are killing large numbers of bats, say biologists who are studying the tiny corpses falling out of the sky near turbines in southern Alberta." CanWest August 25, '08

      • Nothing is without impact. The trick is to find the technologies that do the least harm.

      • You missed the point. The point was that regardless of whether wind is safe (and I agree that it isn't), they've had these stupid little token wind tower 'toys' manufactured. They're just creating more polluting, useless junk. Not an effective way to demonstrate your dedication to reducing pollution via 'clean' energy.

  15. So, were the teeny plastic windmills, so environmentally friendly, made in China? Or are these conservative sex toys?

    I see from the past two postings by Mitch that Baird is the new Justin.

  16. Geez …… Baird , Raitt, industry lobby, power ….. wind …. laying a big round softball like that
    out there and none of youse guys are layin' lumber on it. How come that ?

  17. So, were the teeny plastic windmills, so environmentally friendly, made in China?

    I don't know, but I bet Raitt left hers in the ladies' room…

    • Ooo, sexy…

  18. Wind Energy – The snake oil of the new millenium. Complete scam – smoke and mirrors – government colossal boondoggle.