MPs at Toronto gay Pride


NDP leader Jack Layton and his MP wife, Olivia Chow, with a matching NDP orange drag queen.

Green party leader Elizabeth May with Toronto Green candidate Chris Tindal (right) and supporter Bob Banks.


Toronto mayor David Miller with drag queens Ivory (left) and Samantha Stone.

 Toronto Liberal MP Bob Rae and his Pride posse.


Rae and Toronto Liberal MP Mario Silva.


Toronto Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett was tickled by Toronto drag queen Ivory as she ran through the parade to catch up with the Liberal contingency.

Gerard Kennedy, the former Liberal leadership candidate.

The woman Kennedy hopes to unseat: NDP MP Peggy Nash.

Toronto drag star Miss Conception.


Liberal Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Adam Giambrone, city councillor, chair of the Toronto Transit Commission and former president of the federal NDP.


The firefighters!


Liberal MP Belinda Stronach and Rick Mercer were out promoting Spread the Net, their African malaria project.


A horse of a different colour.


War resister Corey Glass chats with Toronto NDP MP Olivia Chow who was the one who introduced a nonbinding motion to let war resisters stay in Canada. The motion was passed.

 Andrea Németh (right), former Ontario provincial NDP candidate, with the NDP contingency.


Toronto Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj attended the morning Metropolitan Community Church Service in the parking lot near the heart of Toronto’s gay village.

The service was lead by Rev. Brent Hawkes, one of the lead activists to bring same-sex marriage to Canada and recent recipient of the Order of Canada.

Layton, Chow and John Tory, the leader of the progressive conservative party in Ontario, sat in the front row.

Earlier in the week MPs and politicos attended the fourth annual Pride Toronto Gala and Awards. The theme was “Journey to Mount Olympus.” Here’s Prometheus.


Bob Rae and Enza Anderson.


Eric Buan, a Greek model with real rainbow roses.

Olivia Chow with the models.

Chow with Sandra Bernhard, the host of the evening.

Bernhard with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Super-Minister George Smitherman.


John Tory with a rainbow puff.

Pamela Taylor, a candidate with the provincial Tories, appreciates some satyr.

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MPs at Toronto gay Pride

  1. Nice to see one conservative candidate in the bunch. There may be hope yet.

  2. John Tory looks so disturbed…

  3. My fave is Elizabeth May : this is what Victoria needs to air out some of it’s stuffiness – I think I will bring it up at the next Conservative breakfast meeting coming up (I love doing stuff like that just to get a rise)like when I used to be Liberal I would sugest we start looking at gov’t programs that we do not need and can not afford – that used to go over well – ROFL

  4. ignatieff looks so uncomfortable!

    Regardless, it looks like it was a completely awesome day!

  5. What people do in their personal lives is nobody’s business but theirs, as long as it’s legal.

    However, watching these politicians kiss butt, as if homosexuality is something worthy of celebration, is a sickening display of shameless pandering for votes.

  6. Last days of the Roman Empire?

    Why does the sight of Bob Rae next to a Young Liberals banner at this farrago make me want to vomit?

  7. Belinda Stronach looks hot in the picture with her and Rick Mercer.

  8. aek: Homosexuality isn’t something worth celebrating but equality, tolerance, and acceptance of gays and lesbians is.

    Our politicians are our community and national leaders, and their inclusion in the pride festivities sends a positive message of tolerance.

    Politicians attend community events and fundraisers all the time (you can check the archives of the Capital Diary blog to see many examples). If Stephen Harper attends the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Polish Congress, is it really any different than John Tory attending the Toronto Pride Parade?

    Even if you believe that this is nothing more than a photo op for politicians, the alternative is the Tom Lukiwskis of Parliament who offer nothing but lip service and hollow apologies to gays and lesbians.

  9. well put.

  10. Oh man I must have been suffering from an alzheimer’s moment as I just got the joke with Pamela ‘ Satyr ‘ (wayne groans to himself as he did not get joke yesterday) I still say that Victoria needs a gay pride parade as a Conservative I think I will suggest it at the next breakfast meeting.

  11. I guess Tom Lukiwski decided to give this a pass.

  12. Conservatives have a large gay membership. Why would 2 working men or woman couples want to pay all the taxes to Dalton? The old goats with their 20lb bibles were put to pasture. Now we are normal.

  13. Ignatieff looks awkward as does Tory.

  14. Gays and lesbians represent a lot of votes. So it follows, where the votes are so go the pandering politicians. For some I am sure it was more of close your eyes and think of England than it was a mark of support!

    I have always said a real politician cannot pass on a photo op. Thumbs up for Rick and Belinda and their cause. They are the only ones that I am convinced of their sincerity.

  15. Where’s adam giambrone’s full pic in shorts

  16. “Gays and lesbians represent a lot of votes.”

    In Toronto perhaps, at least according to the pictures. I gather they carry a lot of steam in the two Eastern-based political parties (Grits and Dippers) excl. BQ. Especially for the Liberals, since Toronto appears to be the only city that’s safe for them.

    Where I live, the Pride Parade lasted about 10 minutes.

    God I love Calgary. No offense to gays. Don’t think I’m a homophobe. We get it…you’re gay…now get a job.

  17. I was a dedicated Liberal until their flipfloping on abortion same sex issues and finding out about all the “knobgobbling” Mps within their ranks.I’m not surprised about that Stonack broad,but Rick Mercer attending such a debauchery display for his worthy cause is beyond me.
    Seeing Bob Ray and all other politicians using this parade of degenerates for the purpose of getting votes makes me want to PUKE.

  18. I’m sorry, I just have to ask for clarification here – What shocks you most about the Toronto Pride Parade is that Rick Mercer was in attendance?

  19. All these comments beg the question why are straight politicians, excluding our mayor and our premier, even permitted or invited to march in the Toronto pride parade? What’s the connection? Isn’t there a bull-run they could go inflict themselves on?

  20. Everyone has a hidden agenda. Sad that that the event itself gets less coverage than the silly politicians who showed up to it.

    Like gay pride is the zoo and David Millar and Olivia Chow were taking there kids. So TMZ

  21. Why was there not even ONE photo of the fabulous provincial Tory marching contingent in the Pride parade this year? We were so proud to have a gorgeous group of Tory gays march in the parade and yet no one seemed to want to print those photos!!!

  22. If one cannot say something nice, say nothing!

  23. Being someone that attended Toronto's Gay Pride I think it was nice that these political leaders of our nation showed their support, as that is what Pride is all about. The very definition of pride is "the state or feeling of being proud" and if they want to be proud and march in the parade so be it.

    A person with and education and a job! (gasp)