MPs check out sustainability and DJ beats -

MPs check out sustainability and DJ beats


Sustainable Development Technology Canada put on a fierce reception in 200 West Block. Finally, someone had the smarts to bring along a DJ and serve good food. Below, Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt (centre).



Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea.



NDP MP Linda Duncan.



Raitt and Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.



Trudeau and Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay.



Raitt’s staffers.



Iggy staffer Adam Goldenberg.



NDP MP Jack Harris.



The DJ.



Décor and quality food by Tulips & Maple.









MPs check out sustainability and DJ beats

  1. MP's claim they work so hard……..hmmm. Sure do a lot of socializing for hard workers don't they?

    Hasn't Lisa Raitt got some isotope issues to straigthen out?

    • Yes, it's a glam life: in the office early, leave the offcie late; sit in a billion committee meetings, choke down a couple stale triangle sandwiches on the way to the next meeting; entertain a few visitors; decide on a few case files; heckle your brains out for 45 minutes; and deflect low blows and slanted criticism and innuendo about your family life, work habits and ulterior motives.

      I can just see why so many are clamouring to leave their families each week for a commute that can involve hours of car trips, followed by a number of legs in an Air Canada plane all to collapse in Ottawa in a souless apartment or hotel room or back home into the arms not of your loving family but the church basements and old age homes and community centres all over your riding all weekend unitl you get to go back to Ottawa to start over again.

      Yeah, those shrimp cocktails totally rock!

      • I guess the POWER, prestige, and good salary, whether you have ANY post-secondary education or worldly experience AT ALL, is attractive, despite all the drawbacks you point out. Wonder why?

        I have a friend who is an MLA — she considers attending these functions, or giving two-minute greetings at a fund raiser, to be "work."

        • I am kind of tired of this "all they do is socialize" crap. These events are usually at night, after votes, debate etc. I bet you the group was happy to have a few minutes of the Minister and MPs time.

          • I never said that's all they do, but please — this is mutual palm-greasing. Yes, the lobbyists are thrilled to have the Ministers and MPs attend so they can push their agendas. In return, MPs get food, drink , and photo opps where they look happy instead of angry.

            Just don't pretend this is actually public service, okay? Or how exhausting it must be, as Be_rad suggests. They go because they WANT to be seen and feted.

  2. Ottawa catering appears to be a sustainable development.

  3. I love watching the race for "OMG How dare MPs go to social events get back to work damn lobbyists buying favours with free appetizers blargh snarf!"

  4. They made a choice, period. If it's so bad get out.

    • You're having a bit of a non-sequiter-ish conversation. As an observer, I took exception to your gratuitous, drive by slagging. I attempted to put in the perspective you were so eager to ignore. Context and perspective are not unimportant to the dialogue. Petty sniping is.

      Sure, there are countervaling dynamics to balance the downsides I gave as examples. Power, as suggested by Patchouli, I would dispute. Good salary, certainly – as is the pension if you can qualify for it. But how about "genuine desire to effect change"? Or a sense of service? Why go for the gutter in your comments? Why assume so little? The person many of these politicians become is shaped to a large degree by the Hill. Who they were when they secured your vote, or sought the nomination of their party deserves some respect, some goodwill, surely? Instead, you chose to pitch a shrimp at them. Let the food fight begin.

  5. That was a pretty badass party. Congrats to the folks at Sustainable Development Corp

  6. Hey, I didn't characterize these things as work. I added some degree of balance and context to a petty, unbecoming pot shot.