MPs don purple -

MPs don purple


MPs from all parties donned purple recently as a way to raise awareness over the wave of gay teen suicides that have been happening in North America. Below, Liberal MPs Mario Silva (left) and Rob Oliphant.


Liberal MP Scott Simms.


Liberal MP Navdeep Bains.


Liberal MP Hedy Fry.


NDP MP Glenn Thibeault.


Heritage Minister James Moore.


NDP MP Megan Leslie.


Liberal MP Geoff Regan.



MPs don purple

  1. Now they need to promote the 'it gets better' meme as well.

  2. I'm curious, does anybody know if John Baird was wearing purple?

    • Apparently he wasn't. What about Flaherty – he seems to own only 2 ties – both pukey green.

      What about gay basher – Tom Lukiwski, and while I'm at it, has he reached out to the gay community like he promised?

        • Yes, Pato31 is correct: Lukiwski has been too busy cleaning his fingernails to reach out to any community, gay or otherwise. Nobody has seen him re: the potash file, the stadium money either.

          Conservative MPs in SK: Muzzled Peons.

  3. Lots of Con MPs should have been wearing purple as well, but I only see one.

  4. According to the Capital Diary magazine column, Moore was just wearing purple as a coincidence and wasn't aware of the anti-bullying effort.

  5. donned purple recently as a way to raise awareness

    Raise awareness about what? Regardless of one's views of homosexuality, I don't know of anyone who endorses violence against anyone. Furthermore, I very much doubt that teen suicides are only caused by gay taunting, or that the taunting can even be considered as the primary cause of a suicide.

    On the larger topic of awareness, as much as those who support homosexuality talk about awareness, and accuse opponents of being ignorant, I have yet to come across an explanation of what homosexuality actually is. For the most part, all I keep hearing is "you are who you are," which, of course, doesn't really raise much awareness about anything, does it? And, if you raise questions like I do, you're viciously attacked and called a bigot. Doesn't always seem to be a very tolerant or understanding movement, if you ask me. My guess is that any responses to this post of mine will bear that out.

    • I'm sorry you find the topic so confusing, Dennis. I trust you've done your research now and are rapidly filling in the gaps in your knowledge. The internet has many resources to answer your questions.

      This has been studied, and nearly a third of teen suicides are due to sexuality concerns — that is to say, gay or confused kids, simply going through puberty and feeling all sorts of new feelings. So when adults say things like "it gets better", that helps kids who doubt that maybe hold on a bit longer and discover that the world has much more to offer them.

      The awareness-raising is because many who have never struggled with their sexuality — usually because all of society is built around their sexuality — often don't realize that having different feelings would make teasing and taunting hurt a lot more. If they are made aware of how impactful their words are, they may choose to alter their words, if they wish.

      • Who said it was so confusing? Why aren't people allowed to question your agenda?

        You're more than welcome to actually cite any scientific claims you have made, instead of ordering me to do your research on Google for you.

        I just don't see teenage suicide as being a gay issue. But homosexuality does seem to be a huge socially liberal fad, doesn't it.

        • You said "raising awareness of what?" I tried to respond to that in my 3rd paragraph.

          You said that you "very much doubt… that the taunting can be considered as the primary cause of a suicide." I tried to respond to that in my 2nd paragraph.

          You said "I have yet to come across an explanation of what homosexuality actually is." I suggested in my 1st paragraph that there are many resources if you wish to research.

          I didn't order you to do anything. I also never said anything about questioning an agenda.

          • Again, you're not raising awareness of anything. You're providing your subjective opinion. You have not provided any objective proof. You mocked me as being "confused" yet here you are not clearing up the situation at all, in my opinion.

    • What is Homosexuality?: "an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or romantic attractions" primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex –….

      Why is it important that we raise awareness?: "Children and adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of bias and stereotypes. They may also fear being rejected by family, friends, co-workers, and religious institutions. Some gay people have to worry about losing their jobs or being harassed at school if their sexual orientation became well known." –….

      What can awareness do?: "Research has found that the people who have the most positive attitudes toward gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals are those who say they know one or more gay, lesbian or bisexual person well, often as a friend or co-worker. For this reason, psychologists believe that negative attitudes toward gay people as a group are prejudices that are not grounded in actual experience but are based on stereotypes and misinformation." –….

      Does that sort of answer what you were wondering?

      Frankly, for me to see many MPs – and others throughout the country – donning purple shirts and ties gives me hope that many homosexuals who feel repressed and unable to admit this part of themselves, will see that the larger community will be accepting and that they have nothing to fear, "It gets better".

      And maybe, it would be important for you to watch this video if you have the time:

      • Regarding what homosexuality is, let me try it from another angle. Why are homosexuals homosexuals? We know how it manifests itself in today's society, but for all the talk of awareness on the topic, there is no clinical explanation of it, at least as far as I know, right?

        Regarding the importance of raising awareness, two things. Again, we're raising awareness about something we still don't know much about. Second, everything you mentioned about homosexuality can be attributed to a number of other things teens experience, including heterosexual sex. Yet it's only gay teen suicide that we're supposed to wear scarves for.

        Another thing. The stats are clear that homosexuality is clearly less healthy. Why not raise awareness about that, too?

        • Of course AIDS is of a great concern in the gay community and there is an abundant amount of resources and information and we do raise awareness on that topic as well.

          That particular day was a day of raising awareness on homosexual teen bullying. As was shown in the video 75% of gay teens don't feel safe at school. Ask any gay person and they'll tell you many stories about being discriminated against, bullied, ridiculed, etc.

          Even if we don't know the exact explanation behind homosexuality – I'm guessing it might be a combination of nature-nuture, There's a whole host of evidence out there proving that it's best to allow homosexuals to be homosexuals as opposed to repressing them.

          Why do you find it so repugnant that MPs wear purple to show their support towards the "It Gets Better" campaign?

          If you decide to start a campaign that raises awareness about teen bullying for heterosexual kids… well go right ahead.

        • Oh, Dennis F. None of the "activities" listed in the CatholicEducation link is exclusive to homosexuals… I personally know straight people who do a lot of them.
          And the "conversion therapy" promoted by churches and other groups has been criticized by every reputable psychiatric and mental health group in the U.S. as destructive and harmful.
          You say "the stats are clear" that homosexuality is less healthy, but really it's unsafe sex that's not healthy.
          Let me say I've seen statistics showing that homosexual teenagers have a much higher incidence of suicide. Of course these things are murky, because suicides don't always leave a clear-cut reason, and some teens are picked on becuase they're only THOUGHT to be homosexual.
          But I can tell you from personal experience that at age 10 I seriously considered suicide because, in my small, rough, isolated 19¶0s town, I saw no hope for a better future. Well, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Thanks goodness you weren't on my playground to add you views on the subject.