MPs get close with statue: Genies coming to Ottawa


As part of the lead up to the Genie Awards in Ottawa on April 4, Susan Smith of Bluesky Strategy Group has been schlepping a giant Genie statue all over the Hill and getting folks to pose with it. There was a even a special screening in the Speaker Peter Milliken’s dining room of clips of some of the films nominated where folks like Newfoundland Liberal MP Scott Simms (below) got to pose with Genie.


Heritage Minister James Moore and Sara Morton, CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.


Morton with Marie Lemay, CEO of the National Capital Commission.


Manitoba Tory Sentaor Janis Johnson.


Yukon Liberal MP Larry Bagnell.


Toronto MP Carolyn Bennett.


B.C. Conservative MP Nina Grewal.


Ontario NDP MP Charlie Angus.


Bloc MPs Carole Lavallée (left) and Chrisiane Gagnon.


Toronto Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.


Heather Bradley and Anthony Carricato from Speaker Peter Milliken’s office.


Toronto Liberal MP Judy Sgro.



MPs get close with statue: Genies coming to Ottawa

  1. Where does Milliken live? That’s quite the ‘dining room’.

    • The Speaker gets to live at “The Farm” – judging from the dining room, this is not your typical farm.

      • Thanks, Catherine. I did not know Speaker got a grace and favour home. I just goggled The Farm, looks like a lovely estate.

    • The Speaker has a small apartment in Centre Block on the Hill. This event was in the dining room beside his apartment. It’s mostly used for receptions.

  2. I never realized how kinky the Genie statue really is. It looks like an inverted metal pelvis with a scrotum on top. Surely I’m not the first person to notice this.

    • i thought the top just looked like a bum, but i will give you the scrotum.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, CR. As I was scrolling through I thought the top looked like a scrotum too… maybe Feschuk designed it.

    • I think it’s meant to be a Henry Moore-style head, though IIRC he wasn’t reluctant to play the scrotal card himself in that respect.

      • Just what i was thinking, Henry’s style with a handle, or two.

    • One MP referred to the Genie statue as “the teabagging award.” Just saying.

    • No, you are not.

      Seriously, are those testicles filled with helium or something? Why is that scrotum hanging UP?

      • That’s the Genie emerging from the bottle, breach presentation. Kinda like Canadian Cinema…the kind of films where you feel like you missed the emergence…or…it’s gonna be painful to watch it (if it ever comes). The kind of movies that make you sit long on that scrotum for not too much reward!

    • Hey, Vulcan, Alberta has made a whole economic recovery/tourism plan surrounding Star Trek. Don’t give Balzac, AB any ideas!

  3. Janis Johnson the senator from MANITOBA.

  4. The whole joke is that the statue looks like a pair of testicles mounted on top of an eschler painting

  5. Priceless Carolyn Bennet shot there. :P

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