MPs in kilts


On the evening of the Throne Speech, Speaker Peter Milliken held his annual Robbie Burns dinner.


Former NDP MP Bill Blaikie came back to Ottawa to address the haggis.


His son, Daniel, was also there.



Kilted Defense Minister Peter MacKay brought in the haggis.


Toronto Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay sported plaid earrings. She is joined here by Peter MacKay and Vic Toews, the President of the Treasury Board.



Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett and husband Peter O’Brian.



Edmonton NDP MP Linda Duncan.



Tory ministers Bev Oda and Peter Kent.



The bagpipes.


Earlier in the day the flags were prepared for the Throne Speech and the floor was cleaned.



Stephen Harper waits for the GG.


Michaëlle Jean in some fine boots. She changed into shoes before she got into the Senate.


Liberal Interim leader Ignatieff and Montreal MP Marlene Jennings.



Senator Mike Duffy with his children.



NDP media man Karl Belanger.



MPs in kilts

  1. Poor Bill. It looks like he may have just discovered exactly where the HOC cat got to!

    • Careful, kc. Ethnic jokes about cat-eating are no longer considered funny, even when mocking Scots. You can blame Warren Kinsella.

      • it seems large ex media senators are off the menu too!

        • As a native born Scot and the somewhat proud owner of two cats i think i have some leeway!

      • Just so that we’re all clear: you’re allowed to make fun of any ethnic group whose members are caucasian without being branded a bigot or a racist. You’re however not allowed to make fun of any ethnic group whose members are not caucasian, because if you do, you’re a bigot or a racist. It’s a pretty simple rule, actually.

        • Olaf, you smelly fish-gobbling Ikea-loving Swede.

        • Olaf you forgot to mention the corollary. if yr a member of any non caucasian ethnic group you may poke fun at any member of the caucasian group at any time. Personally i don’t mind this rule if it only applys to conservatives. Not to worry, as this phenomenom is known in academic circles as, getting yr own back and should only last for a 100yrs or so. In the case of consevatives i’d give it a few more centuries for it to really sink in!

  2. Well, well the media is sensitive these days. Or is Mr Duffy off limits because he is now a senator?
    i realise fat jokes are tasteless, but that would hardly seem to warrant ahem…the moderator’s axe!

  3. Fat jokes tasteless and CHILDISH.

    • Ok, i got it, me bad!

    • Judging by that photo, though, we can now recalibrate, as it were, all our Duffy fat jokes into Duffy short jokes. It will involve extensive retooling, but we hope the increase in joke efficiency will justify the short-term outlay. Short-term outlay, get it?

      • Yup. It’s the height of low humour.

      • Gd pt Jack. It was an understandable error on my part. He’s not fat, just very very short.

  4. can I get on the e-mail list that directs us what to say? You know the one that says, “today, keep hitting the Kinsella stuff” ?

    • ssshh… that’s supposed to be a secret.

  5. LOVE those kilts on some of those men.