MPs, kids, cookies and juice and Trudeau screams


Students from Stanley Public School in Toronto arrived on the Hill to celebrate Black History month with juice and cookies. They were part of the Children’s Breakfast Clubs, a program that helps deliver meals to children who often would go without food in the morning. Below Immigration Minister Jason Kenney makes a presentation.


Justin Trudeau has some fun with the kids.


The kids were from Toronto Liberal MP Judy Sgro’s riding and she supplied the snacks.


The kids pose with some MPs.



MPs, kids, cookies and juice and Trudeau screams

  1. Bob Rae looks so enthusiastic.

  2. When Jason Kenney hits his ‘we CONs love all you people’ spiel everyone’s eyes glazed over… Or maybe they were contemplating all the cookies he ate. But once the hot windbag left the room, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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