MPs mingle with the RCMP -

MPs mingle with the RCMP


RCMP officers mingled with MPs at The Mounted Police Members Legal Fund reception held in House Speaker Peter Milliken’s dining room.



(Left to right) Anthony Carricato from Speaker Milliken’s office, Tory aide Matt Deacon, Transport Minister John Baird.




(Left to right) Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux, Liberal MP Wayne Easter and Transport Minister John Baird.

IMG_1594Pierre Lemieux


(Left to right) Minister of State of Transport Rob Merrifield and Liberal MP Judy Sgro.



(Left to right) Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie and Conservative MP Randy Hoback.




Conservative MP Jeff Watson.



Liberal MP Mark Holland (left).



Bloc MP Christiane Gagnon with Bloc candidate Michel Letourneau, who will run against Conservative MP Sylvie Boucher.



RCMP staff relations representative Murray Brown from Nova Scotia.



Peter Kent (second from right), Secretary of State on Exterior Affairs for the Americas.



The food.



MPs mingle with the RCMP

  1. Whenever Raphael's posts his photos I am reminded that pols from different parties actually get along and that Question Period is kabuki and not to be taken seriously.

    And 'the food', is it beef, phyllo and cranberries? I think descriptions of food should be provided, Mitchel, because I often do not recognize any of the food you photograph and find myself wondering what the hell are they eating at these events.

  2. Joylon: an excellent comment – and this is a genuine compliment.

  3. It's nice to be reminded that Question Period is kabuki, and yet at the same time, kinda sad the Question Period is kabuki (I mean, as long as it's the essentially meaningless shouting matches of "questions we don't really think you'll answer" and " 'answers' that don't really address your questions", it's good that they don't really mean any of it, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it was actually about asking questions and getting answers!?!?! (Radical alert!)).

    Also, this is really sad, but it's the nature of the state of our national police force these days that when I read a headline about MPs mingling with the RCMP, my immediate reaction is one of concern for the safety of our MPs. Of course, I also immediately thought "Geez, I bet they need a lot more money these days for the 'Mounted Police Members Legal Fund!'". There's an account they must be burning through lately!

  4. Cute boys and John Baird!

  5. 1. The food looks gross.
    2. Why is Bonnie Crombie wearing a shirt with pictures of Christmas tree decorations?

  6. It is good to see that someone cares enough about our MPs, no matter the party affilication, to take the time to thank them for the work they do on a daily basis in running this great country. The safety of us all being one of their prime objectives.

  7. I hope none of them drove home.