MPs resume hearings into Afghan detainee controversy

Parliamentary committee will meet informally—and without its Conservative members


The Parliamentary committee examining the treatment of Afghan detainees is set to resume meeting next week despite the prorogation of Parliament. NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar says the committee will hear from witnesses on an informal basis beginning February 3rd. The questioning will be conducted by Liberal and NDP MPs only—Conservative members of the committee won’t be present until the hearings formally resume on March 3rd, when parliament comes back in session. Dewar also criticized the government for its secretiveness on the file, pointing out the U.K and U.S. have already made parts of their detainee records public.

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MPs resume hearings into Afghan detainee controversy

  1. Just a question since this is not a legal parliamentary setting will parliamentary privilege exist. I have been told no it will not. I look forward to some of these individuals actually having to watch what they say and whom they slander.

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