MPs spend $500k extending Parliament Hill bus route

HoC committee memos show taxpayers also on the hook for MPs’ legal fees, settlements


Memos released by the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy show MPs spent more than half a million dollars to extend Parliament Hill’s shuttle bus service by about three blocks. The buses are meant to ferry MPs between office buildings and committee rooms on the Hill. The memos also reveal that at least one MP has been allowed to bill taxpayers for his or her legal fees in a defamation suit—so long as the MP wins the case—and another used government funds to pay all claims related to a settlement against the MP in a legal dispute relating to employment. The secretive Board of Internal Economy is charged with administering spending by the House of Commons, for which it approved a 0.3 per cent increase to $441,648,089 for 2011-2012.


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MPs spend $500k extending Parliament Hill bus route

  1. MacLeans must be part of the biased “lamestream media.” They keep publishing all these dubious spending stories. Everyone knows the Conservative majority resulted in a new day of accountability on Parliament Hill.

  2. Not exactly clear as to the what the bus issue is, but if the defense costs are taken up due to something that happened while the person was an MP, and they win the case, I agree that we should fund it. Other wise, we will have MP’s who are afraid to voice an opinion.

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