MPs, Tupperware and Mary Kay -

MPs, Tupperware and Mary Kay


The Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA) held a reception in 200 West Block that featured tables filled with things Tupperware and Mary Kay products. Public Safetly Minister Peter Van Loan (left) with DSA president Ross Creber.


Speaker Peter Milliken.


Conservative Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton.


NDP MP Tony Martin.


NDP MP David Christopherson.


Bloc MP Nicole Demers (left).


Conservative MP James Lunney.


The glam Kenzie Potter, director of parliamentary affairs in government House Leader Jay Hill’s office.



Eric Bojm and Marlene Joly from Liberal MP Joyce Murray’s office.


The goods.


Food by Tulips & Maple.



MPs, Tupperware and Mary Kay

  1. I want to issue a formal apology to all readers of Maclean's and

    I am sorry. I am so, so sorry.

    I try to be funny. I do. I try my best. But then the Direct Sellers Association of Canada comes along, and Peter Milliken shows up to a Tupperware and cosmetics party in his elegant Speaker's attire, and there are meatballs and possibly ginsu steak knives, and I realize there is no way I can be as funny as these pictures.

    Again: so, so sorry.

    • You know, the book on Milliken used to be that he was an honourable MP and a valuable public servant respected by all parties.

      I say "used to" because who could respect him after seeing him dress up for the telemarketers party?

  2. The fact Peter Van Loan escaped your commentary, really does speak volumes about the all-out awesomeness of this entire pictoral.

  3. What, no ShamWows? Just Tupperware and cosmetics?

    • The Slap Chop! party was next door. 5 minutes John Baird ran out with a handful of them, and miniature plastic versions of all Opposition members.

  4. All the SlapChops were bought up by the PMO to "file" Colvin's warnings.

  5. On a more serious note, I'm pretty sure the little Mary Kay teddy bear is making eyes at the Speaker of the House of Commons.

    • It DOES have a come-hither look, doesn't it?

  6. Are those roast beef sandwiches? Whatever they are, they look freakin' delicious.

  7. Can we do a caption war on the Milliken photo, please?

    "Great. Now my wife knows what I'll be getting her for Christmas this year. Way to spoil the surprise, guys."

    • Yes. Yes, we can. Please wander over to my blog where I've set one up.

  8. They go for the free food, no cooking, no dishes, no visa bills. Notice. Always a fair turnout of NDP MP's. Just sayin.

  9. The Direct Sellers are just so pleased as punch with parliamentary democracy that they thought it would be nice to offer a party for those who toil in the halls of power. What? Marketing? Lobbying? Payback? Quid pro quo? Oh no. Not at all. Just fans of democracy. Yup. Big fans…

  10. I wish Feschuk would issue one of those "I try to be funny" apologies every time he writes something.

  11. Some of the writers on this blog apparently have no concept of the direct selling (vs direct marketing) industry in Canada. Over 1,000,000 Canadians are engaged in this legitimate, entrepreneurial way of earning a partial or total income. The Direct Sellers Association works with the government members to effect a harmonious and cooperative relationship between the legislators and those who are subject to direct selling legislation. This reception is an opportunity for the DSA members to say thank you to MP's for their understanding of our industry and its contribution to the economy of Canada.