Mr. Christine Elliott -

Mr. Christine Elliott




Jim Flaherty’s wife Christine Elliott, who is running for leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, held a meet-and-greet at the Elephant & Castle pub and restaurant in Ottawa. Flaherty introduced himself as Mr. Christine Elliott.



Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt (left) and Jasmine MacDonnell, her director of communications.


Calgary Tory MP Lee Richardson (left) and former Edmonton MP Rahim Jaffer.


Flaherty and Elliott with Conservative Winnipeg MP Steven Fletcher.


Saskatchewan Conservative MP Lynne Yelich.


Elliott’s aide Alex Chreston.


Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq.


Tina Arvanitis,
 Senior Special Assistant, Communications 
Office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.


Aaron Lindgren, VP of the Carlton Campus Conservatives.


The meat platter was the first to go.





Mr. Christine Elliott

  1. Those platters look freaking disgusting. Politicoes should try harder, and Elephant and Castle should NOT allow them to bring in Listeria platters to the restaurant.

  2. So, Ms. Christine Elliott and, er, Mr. Christine Elliott… did the harmonized GST for Ontario come up?

  3. How about spelling Carleton correctly…guess your cut-line writer didn’t graduate from their J school

    • Perhaps it was just a typo.

  4. Did Christine Elliot inform the residents of Whitby and Durham that the local whitby steel mill operated with no ventilation system for over a year? Would you be concerned that all lead levels and dust levels exceeded the Ontario exposure limits in May 2006?

    Ask her how come she did not inform everyone that the public was exposed to various hazardous substances for over a year as the baghouse was broken down at Gerdaameristeel in whitby…….

  5. Anyone who wants the same copy of documents that proves there was no ventilation system and proves that Whitby MPP was aware of this when it occured, please contact me as I should run for leadership and look out for the safety of your family and children as Mrs. Elliot is afraid of unions and multimillion dollar corporations. How many became ill between September 2005 and August 2007? email me @ as this is a "public" health concern and you have the right to know what you were exposed too? Lead is known to cause cancer and other health problems..