MS therapy trials get federal funding -

MS therapy trials get federal funding

Working group deems “liberation therapy” safe enough to proceed


The federal government will fund clinical trials of a controversial treatment for multiple sclerosis patients. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says a scientific working group created by the government last year has agreed a clinical trial of so-called liberation therapy, which looks at narrowed neck veins as the cause of MS, should go ahead. The approval comes despite a spate of recent studies that doubt the main cause of MS is narrowed neck veins. She says the team unanimously deemed it safe enough to proceed based on scientific reports on the procedure. Researchers conducted numerous studies on narrowed neck veins after an Italian doctor theorized it could be a factor in the development of MS. The doctor said unblocking neck veins could help relieve symptoms. Many Canadians with MS have gone overseas for the procedure, which currently isn’t offered in Canada.

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MS therapy trials get federal funding

  1. This is the right move.  The research needs to be done.

  2. I find it interesting that the critics and assessors of this procedure always refer to the narrowed necks veins being the “cause” of MS. People who have MS and others seem to easily understand that it most likely is not the “cause” but rather some sort of consequence which becomes a significant negative symptom resulting in extreme discomfort, gradual loss of mobility, major loss of quality of life, etc. 

    So, if you had a risk of blood clotting, would you not want to take a blood thinner because it wasn’t the “cause” but rather it dealt with an “effect”. Obviously not! So why is this Liberation Therapy procedure for MS not seen in the same light? Or do the drug companies not want a competitor to replace their drugs and  actually help these people in their suffering. Let the Liberation Therapy be evaluated as a cure to the symptoms rather than a cure to the disease.

    And Reporter’s and Doctors, let’s at least be intellectually honest and change the language describing the narrowed neck veins from being the “cause” … to being … a “major effect” of MS which causes extreme negative impacts on the sufferer.

    • You are right, sny57.  Even if the research proves as it seems to, that MS is not caused by narrowed neck veins, it will also clear up the question of whether liberation therapy works to radically diminish the side effects of those MS sufferers who have narrowed veins.  The treatment will likely be of no benefit to those MS sufferers whose symptoms cannot be blammed on narrowed veins in the neck.  As we read in this article, they make up a substantial number of those afflicted with the illness.

  3. It was inevitable that the federal government would cave into the incessant political pressure of the Zamboni cult. The government is trying to appease the Zamboni zealots who have put enormous pressure on the politicians to fund “liberation” treatment which is nothing more than high-tech faith healing. Unscrupulous politicians like Libby Davies and Kirsty Duncan have exploited desperate people for political gain to make the government look uncaring and aloof when it was just trying to pursue the time-honoured scientific method of determining truth.All that has changed since the advisory committee first recommended not to fund clinical trials was the introduction of a private members bill to mandate clinical trials. Obviously this spooked the government because it would have been forced to vote against the Zambnoni cult and lose political capital with no political benefit.A staunch resister of blackmail and appeasement in other areas, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should know better. Appeasement of totalitarians, terrorists and true believing zealots signals weakness of resolve and only increases their demands. Zamboni zealots want nothing more than publicly funded “liberation” on demand. Promise of trials will not satisfy them. When the well-blinded controlled trials eventually show that “liberation” is useless they will still demand public funding by claiming that the trials were biased and influenced by Big Pharma. They are a cult with a religious faith in “CCSVI” and nothing will persuade them otherwise. I have tried and have been called every name in the book. Absolute faith in revealed truth will tolerate no criticism.There is now ample evidence that Zamboni’s “CCSVI” does not exist as a disease and that “liberation” is a cruel hoax bilking desperate people out of their life savings. See blogs for details of the junk science behind “CCSVI”.

    • Colin, even if everything you predict comes true, physicians will only do liberation therapy on people with narrowed veins in an effort to provide symptom relief.  It is no different than doing rollerball ablation for women who suffer from endometriosis.  If you don’t have the right condition, you won’t be getting the procedure as it will not be beneficial and whether you believe or not, most physicians in this country practice according to the hypocratic oath they took.