Mulcair says no to wealth tax, expects star NDP candidate to be team player


OTTAWA – NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says there is no question of his party raising taxes on the wealthy if they form government even though a star candidate in Toronto supports such a tax hike.

Left-wing author Linda McQuaig, who last month won the NDP nomination for the upcoming byelection in Toronto Centre, is advocating a 70 per cent tax on the wealthy as the preferred solution to income inequality.

But Mulcair says that is not party policy and he expects McQuaig to be a team player.

He dodged a question of whether he will tell McQuaig to drop the issue, however.

Mulcair says the party supports raising taxes on corporations but not individuals.

The NDP leader told the party’s federal council in Ottawa that they must start preparing the groundwork for the 2015 election.

He says an NDP government would increase benefits under the Canada Pension Plan and reverse the Conservative plan to raise the age of eligibility for Old Age Security to 67.

Mulcair says he would also put negotiations with Canada’s First Nations back on the front burner.

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Mulcair says no to wealth tax, expects star NDP candidate to be team player

  1. Yawn, are we supposed to believe him? Is he willing to put it in writing that he will either deliver no tax increases or quit when he lies?

    Hey, how about a lower tax rate. No reason poverty level wages should be paying any taxes.

    • I recall McGuinty also swearing he wouldn’t raise taxes. He brought in a healthcare levy as soon as he got into office, then agreed to an extra tax bracket on high income earners just before leaving. Mulcair will be the same thing, we know that already.

      • Flaherty did spike the books, however, so we were farther in debt than Dalton knew.

        And you know nothing for certain and are foolish to specualte.

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