Mulroney-Schreiber dealings were "inappropriate": Oliphant -

Mulroney-Schreiber dealings were “inappropriate”: Oliphant

Report into cash payments made to former PM finds Mulroney tried to hide relationship with Schreiber


Former prime minister Brian Mulroney acted in an “inappropriate” way and “failed to live up to the standard of conduct that he himself adopted in the 1985 ethics code” by accepting large cash payments from lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber, says a new report by Justice Jeffrey Oliphant. The judge rejected Mulroney’s claim the payments were simply a lapse in judgement, saying the cash transactions were made with the explicit intent to “to conceal the fact that the transactions had occurred between them.” Still, though Oliphant’s report excoriated Mulroney for his dealings with Schreiber after leaving office, the judge rejected Schreiber’s claims his agreement with the former PM was struck while Mulroney was still in government.

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Mulroney-Schreiber dealings were “inappropriate”: Oliphant

  1. inappropriate sounds a trillion points too soft for this despicable, disgusting person husband father, monumental cheat, low caste thief, two bit liar former pm…characteristics my mom and dad told us never ever to become….wonder what his parents think of this dope!

  2. Well, I wonder what gave it away? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you to think that someone would suspect malfeasance of a former Prime Minister, barely days out of office, to be found in a hotel room accepting oodles of cash from a shady arms dealer/influence peddler/fixer. Or was it that he did it more than once. Oh, wait perhaps it was the fact that Blarney Brian stashed the cash in a foreign(U.S.) bank account and "forgot" to declare it as income and pay tax on it, until he knew the jig was up. Or perhaps it was the incredible whopper that it was payment for flogging a pasta machine for Herr Schreiber. No record of any big macaroni deals however. Naa, couldn't be any of those pesky details.

  3. Mulroney's ass was saved by Harper as he limited the inquiry to whether his conduct was inappropriate.

  4. What really irritates me the most is how long this whole process took and in my personal opinion, precious time and paper were exhausted to come to such an obvious conclusion.

  5. If any normal person did the same transactions he would be criminally charged. But, when this is done between government buddies it is only inappropriate behavior. And “honorable” Oliphant is just protecting this inappropriate behavior of “honorable” PM Mulroney and he is going to protect inappropriate behavior of American Harper Poodle.

    What would you write if this were happening in China, or in “corrupted” Russia? There is no corruption in Canada?

    However, capitalism is corruption by itself, as this case clearly shows. Where is democracy here? Or there is democracy for rich and 6/49 for subjects in Constitutional Monarchy?

  6. I hope Mr. Mulroney spends all his free time reading every comment from every medium inviting the public to comment on this affair. Probably 99%, or even more, of the comments out there confess a belief that he's a crook. He's a crook. He knows it. We know it. And he knows that we know it. It's a universal revelation. Unfortunately, it's a revelation without legal teeth.

  7. Its a great irony, that if "Lyin Brian" were a German citizen, he would have been in jail, just as Schreiber, for tax fraud. Strange, how Canada extradites a Canadian citizen, even though that he is a tax cheater,knowing that he will end up in jail , but not lift a finger to prosecute a similar tax cheater in Canada. Or is it just that the latter happens to be a former Prime Minister ? Both Canadians, but certainly not equal before the law!

  8. I want my share of the $2.1 million back.