Mulroneypalooza a go

But will Stephen Harper make an appearance?


Canwest called the PMO to find out if Stephen Harper has mailed in his RSVP to the Brian Mulroney tribute, which is slated to take place in Montreal in September and mark the 25th anniversary of Mulroney’s landslide victory in 1984. According to PMO spokesperson, the event is “a long way out” and “we generally don’t comment on the prime minister’s schedule anyway.” He did add that it will be a “great anniversary,” noting that “Canadians voted overwhelmingly to oust the Liberal party, bringing a welcome end to years of rule by Pierre Trudeau and John Turner.” The event is being organized by Mulroney’s friends and supporters, including Quebec premier Jean Charest and Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Wilson, who served as Mulroney’s finance minister, and has been billed as a “reunion of former campaign workers, staffers and parliamentarians involved in the 211-seat victory.”

Canwest News Service

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Mulroneypalooza a go

  1. Mulroney is a disgrace to Canada…the less said, the better.

  2. Why did the PMO spokesperson namecheck Trudeau and Turner, but leave out Pearson?

    • must have just been a slip i think J-C. Otherwise it is quite odd given Iggy's desire to wrap himself in Pearson's image/legacy

    • I also found that phrase a bit odd; who, exactly, is the CPC trying to attract to its brand?

      Perhaps no one trusts the CPC with a majority, not even the CPC itself.

  3. He's a liar, and a pathetic one at that. Outside of his circle of he-could -do-no-wrong friends, every person he meets sees him as a political, white collar crook. How he gets to keep his what?- 2mil from his libel suit is beyond me. Hide your face in shame!