Munk-y Debates: Dems v GOPs in Toronto


I really regretted not being in Toronto a few weeks ago for the inaugural Munk Debate, which featured Niall Ferguson and Charles Krauthammer facing off against Samantha Power and Richard Holbrooke over the question, “Be it resolved the world is a safer place is a Republican in the White House”.

Thankfully, you can download it as a podcast or stream it live here.

It seems pretty clear to me that Ferguson and Krauthammer (who were for the resolution) got the best of the debate. Both are funny and smart and were able to control the terms of debate in a manner that kept Power and Holbrooke on their heels. Holbrooke was good enough, but I thought Power was weak and unfocused.

Interesting fact: They polled the audience before the debate, and the score was 29% in favour of the resolution, 71% against. They polled again after, and the numbers had shifted to 46% pro/54% con.

Was anyone there who can tell us how things felt in the room?

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Munk-y Debates: Dems v GOPs in Toronto

  1. It’s on the CBC tonight, yes?

  2. “I really regretted not being in Toronto…”

    Funny, each time I’ve been to Toronto (twice is two more times than necessary), I’ve regretted it.

    As for the Munk debates, what a perfect venue for a GOP-bashing extravaganza! Even the resolution is blatantly partisan in its wording, making the word “Republican” sound like a curse word. I’m not surprised by the polling numbers, to be honest, though I would be surprised if the CBC (Al-Jazeera’s minor-league farm team) would actually show the debates.

  3. Neil,

    It is acually a vert interesting debate with four highly intelligent and accomplished people. Listen to it and maybe you might learn a trick or two. I’ve only got 45 minutes into it so far but I would have to (at this point) disagree with Andrews assesment that “Ferguson and Krauthammer (who were for the resolution) got the best of the debate”. It is true Samantha Powers hasn’t been very fluid with her points but so far Ferguson and Krauthammer have been put on the defensive over there positions a few times.

    By the way I enjoy Al-Jezera english.

    thanks for the link Andrew.

  4. Wow, Neil, victim complex much?

    The resolution is actually worded in FAVOUR of Republicans, and your mind goes straight to “it sounds like a curse word.” I don’t know when I’ve ever seen such paranoia.

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