Muslim group demands apology from Harper, chief spokesman over comment


OTTAWA – A major Canadian Muslim group is demanding an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his chief spokesman for a comment it says links the organization to a terrorist group.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims has filed a notice of libel in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that accuses Jason MacDonald of acting maliciously when he made the comment earlier this month.

The council had criticized the inclusion of a controversial rabbi in Harper’s delegation that went to the Middle East last week.

The notice quotes MacDonald as saying, “We will not take seriously criticism from an organization with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas.”

The notice is the first step in what could become a formal libel suit.

A half-dozen other rights groups, including the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, have offered support to the Muslim group.


Muslim group demands apology from Harper, chief spokesman over comment

  1. perpetually aggrieved.

  2. they have proven to support homos. i hope they sue, it will be put on public record that they support terrorism

  3. Everyone knows radical Islam exists in Canada. We even have Candian nationals abroad in jail, killed as terrorists and yet the Muslim community denies it has a breeding ground inside its ranks. Even have that murder Omar in jail that so many Muslims think is a outstanding individual while his family sucks hard on social assistance.

    If Muslims want a better image, better start informing authorities of radical Islam or in fact we will correctly view you as accomplices.

  4. It always seems that it is this group of people that are suing Canada or wanting apologies!! If this continues there will be nothing left of Canada! What ashame!!

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