My Canada Day includes poutine


As far as slights are concerned, whether real or perceived, this one seems fairly innocuous. The Canadian embassy in Washington has apologized for posting an invitation to a Canada Day party that featured Samuel de Champlain holding a plate of poutine. The offending image has since been removed from the page, but that’s it on the left. (Why do I feel like I’m turning into Ezra Levant all of a sudden?)

Some complainants, however, aren’t willing to let it go. The French-language advocacy group Impératif français is calling for nothing less than an official apology from Stephen Harper, and the resignations of newly-minted Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson and Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson.

Bill Johnson better be thankful the folks at Impératif français apparently didn’t get their hands his recent op-ed in The Globe about St-Jean festivities in Montreal. If they found a strange non sequitur by the Canadian embassy in Washington offensive, who knows how they would have reacted to the former Alliance Quebec leader’s insufferably patronizing piece?

UPDATE: Andrew Potter beat me to it. And he has a better headline.


My Canada Day includes poutine

  1. Well, I have to admit I’m pretty offended – but more at the horrible photoshopping skills. Really! That’s pretty sad. It looks like it’s done by some of the five-year-olds who like to piece together silly Stephane Dion photos and post them on partisan websites.

    Canadian politics is truly second-rate… we have a poorly photoshopped explorer appearing to hold a disproportionately big plate of poutine, and the americans have this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G9jA-FGGd8

  2. I read this story and was little dumb founded. Chances are it was a French Canadian Embassy staffer who was assigned to make this invitation. Know doubt they were just missing home and probably can’t get a decent Poutine in the Washington area. Let’s face it Quebec does have the best cheese curds.

  3. People that get offended at something so trivial need to seriously learn to pick their battles. So much is wrong in the world and that’s what they focus on? It’s truly small minded and pathetic. I’m sure it’s a tiny bunch and the media is doing the utmost to try to create a story, also pathetic. I’m responding to it all, I’m pathetic. Lighten up or explode, all the same to me.

  4. I’d love to know what the offended had to say about those cartoons published in the Danish paper. I’ll bet they were all about free speech then and not so much now. Hilarious, if you ask me, if it wasn’t so sad. Remember, its people like these that actually run the Government for us, and this is the kind of stuff they’re wasting their time, and our money, on. No wonder the world’s heading South.

  5. I am an English speaking Western Canadian. I am also offended by this invitation. What moron thought this was an appropriate representation of Canadian history, an appropriate symbol of the anniversary of Quebec. or of the birthdate of our country? It is not only our French speaking brethren who find this offensive. Anyone with any taste – or who think that as Canadian we can find a better way to demonstgrate our pride in our past – will likely agree. Those who have expressed indignation are justified.

  6. They’re complaining that the invitation lowers Samuel de Champlain, or that it elevates poutine?

    Most likely, the idea was to get Americans to come to the event. Everybody in the States likes poutine, and everybody associates it with Quebec. It’s not considered low-class, as it is in Quebec.

    Speaking of patronising, “Impératif français”? What, is grammar the new fascism? “Participle français” would be much better. Or the jussive subjunctive, at most.

  7. Le genre d’affiche à faire tordre de rire les Français pour lesquels associer un Français (natif de Saintonge) à un plat très éloigné des standards de la cuisine saintongeaise (plus largement la cuisine charentaise, poitevine ou des différents terroirs de France) ou de ceux de la cuisine française dite bourgeoise, relève de la barbarie.

    Pour qui connaît la mouclade (charentaise), la porée (charentaise), etc., etc.

    Si vous pouvez vous procurer l’affiche, profitez-en, elle va prendre de la valeur et devenir un objet de collection.

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