My PM went to India and all I got was this lousy Storify

Stephen Harper is on a six-day trade mission to India. First stop: Agra and the Taj Mahal


My PM went to India and all I got was this lousy Storify

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on a six-day trade mission to India. On Monday, he and his delegation travelled to Agra and the Taj Mahal. Here is how tweeps on the tour recorded that visit. Check back for more on the trip as it progresses.

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Off for a six-day state visit to India! http://ow.ly/eZPEz #cdnpoliStephen Harper
RCAF 001 lands in Agra, India: http://youtu.be/etlRRuCZch4 #pmasia #cdnpoliStephen Harper
Also: good morning Agra! (It’s 5 a.m. here) Ready for Day 1 of #PMAsia tour. Today: Taj Mahal then fly to New DelhiDavid Akin
Off to morning market in Agra, India #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bag4kfDavid Akin
Off to school in Agra, India #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bag44hDavid Akin
Good morning from Agra! Arriving at the Taj Mahal now. #cdnpoli #PMAsiaShirlee Engel
Take a pic where it looks like he’s holding the Taj by its top. Classic pose. "@davidakin: PMSH motorcade now arriving at Taj Mahal #PMAsia"Harman S. Pandher
We are at the Taj Mahal #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bagcugDavid Akin
Closer view of Taj #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bagixpDavid Akin
The entrance to the Taj Mahal is pretty nice too #pmasia http://pic.twitter.com/HRLhtwSuShirlee Engel
And better view of Taj #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bagjk8David Akin
Tourists being cleared away from Taj Mahal ahead of PMSH visit #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bagm9xDavid Akin
PMSH and wife Laureen turn to take a look at the iconic Taj Mahal #cdnpoli #pmasia http://pic.twitter.com/IlIn2uPbShirlee Engel
Laureen Harper and @pmharper describe their impressions of the Taj Mahal #PMAsia http://yfrog.com/h8j2qhvjjAndrew MacDougall
PM using limos flown from Cda. Done b4 in Afg’stan, Haiti. PMO says RCMP dec’n but adds local cars too small.#PMAsia http://pic.twitter.com/rKWVWy33Roger Smith
In Agra and now in New Delhi, PMSH vehicle has Ontario plates. Special armoured vehicles. RCMP decision to deploy. #PMAsiaDavid Akin
PMO says India offered this kind of car, too small. RCMP decided to fly limos from Cda but not saying why.#PMAsia http://pic.twitter.com/TvrRw6LBRoger Smith
That’s it for Agra. About to board RCAF 01 for New Delhi #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/bahgzvDavid Akin
RCAF 01 just touched down in New Delhi, India. #PMAsiaDavid Akin
A familiar flag finds a breeze at the India Gate, New Delhi #PMAsia http://twitpic.com/baili0David Akin

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My PM went to India and all I got was this lousy Storify

  1. Harper’s real objective is sell off the remaining natural resources in Canada, knowing that India will buy – usually you sell the golden eggs not the golden goose but hey this government is reactionary not proactive – they leap before they completely investigate all aspects. Look at the new security concerns that cropped up after the Nexxus deal was tabled!
    Just a comment to Mr.Harper – do not continue to hold your wife’s hand on international trips remember you are representing Canada not a “cuties” photo-op – most leaders present as having more sophistication, common-sense, and not trying to impress the fact that all is well on the home front!

  2. Harper would sell off canada if he thougt he looked good doing it, what better way than a fall vacation in india, not to mention taxpayers footing the bill,maybe if he wasnt living so high on the hog,hed fit into the vechile provided him..

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