My thoughts exactly


Translation: “George! What was it we promised about that climate changes thing? George! … George?”

As evidenced by the above caricature, published today, the consistently awesome Serge Chapleau of La Presse apparently reads this blog. Or maybe he’s just a cynical old fart. (I have my suspicions.) Either way, good on you, Serge.


My thoughts exactly

  1. It doesn’t matter if Harper and Bush are able to recall what they said 40 years earlier about cliamte change. No one will care because this issue will be seen as a baseless preoccupation of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

    There is no climate crisis and there never was. By mid-21st century everyone will know that to be true. But by then the professional enviromentalists will have whipped themselves into hysterics over some other issue that has doomsday just over the horizon. Gotta keep those donations flowing.

  2. @JMD: Ooooooh, you’ll be eating those words come 2050.

  3. Why does Stephen Harper, circa 2050, look like Mike Harris?

  4. Yah, i have a sense he’ll look more Duffy-ish than Harris-onian… But his reputation, however, will be Mike the latter.

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