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‘My turkey dinner is better than yours’

Noted: Tweets about turkey with all the fixings


‘My turkey dinner is better than yours’

Noted: Tweets about turkey with all the fixings

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My turkey dinner is better than yours :p http://pic.twitter.com/LGdgDKJbMichael A.D. Clarke
Turkey! http://pic.twitter.com/Oas4iRN6 michellek.
Mmmmm turkey! Ramsey style! http://pic.twitter.com/NG6oOjceLaura Peckett
Happy happy Turkey day Canada :) #HappyThanksgiving http://pic.twitter.com/7L799s51MTech Girl
Turkey, stuffing, stuffed mushrooms, risotto, roast veg, sweet potato tarts with gravy & cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving. http://pic.twitter.com/hxidqhD1Jenny Arena-Galati
#turkey #dinner Canadian Styles Fall Familia home cooked meal in the oven browning up! @fashionstarlite http://pic.twitter.com/uulya2psTyler Alan Jacobs
#thanksgivingdinner dinner for 1 Happy Turkey Day Canada http://pic.twitter.com/Y0PzgmAAG. St.Onge
#mmm #turkey http://pic.twitter.com/vWdYQBTtChris Stoner
Turkey time !!! http://pic.twitter.com/iUOel0ioLuke Gjos
I wonder if we have a big enough turkey…. #chapmanprobs http://pic.twitter.com/SpwhCSvAHanna Chapman
The turkey my mom and I made http://twitpic.com/b2e23fAzeemMunawar
My kind of turkey #thanksgiving #bacon #sofull @MikeArn17 http://pic.twitter.com/KsTqlun6Jenn Crawford
oo heey there turkey ;) #Thanksgiving http://pic.twitter.com/A2Y6jHumChristie :)
Turkey, gravy, stuffing, and a block of cheese #delicious http://pic.twitter.com/m2l8QnaKSam Rogal
Turkey! http://pic.twitter.com/qTNTHb8XAugust C. Bourré
RT @jrobs_: Love my Canadian Thanksgiving #yum #turkey http://pic.twitter.com/yw1x19xsQueen Mila Bee

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‘My turkey dinner is better than yours’

  1. Turkey on Thanksgiving is an American custom……… because it was originally a cheap meat…..as is the silly name. Americans excel at PR.

    Today is the ancient custom of the Harvest Festival from old Europe…..and involves a variety of foods and feasting before the winter sets in.

    Again, advertising has sucked people in. You’re even calling it ‘turkey day’ for gawdsakes! LOL

    • I’m not seeing the problem… an excuse to have a dinner with your family?

      • I don’t need to imitate Americans to do that.

        • Only you would care. Little secret Emily, every other occasion you celebrate is you imitating someone else.

          • Not everyone is happy to be a copy Andrew…..even if you are

  2. Just a Yankee onlooker. Green bean casserole and crescent rolls don’t seem to be part of your tradition. Interesting. Enjoy your holiday our neighbour friends to the north!

    • I can’t speak for all of Canada, but I’ve never come across the green bean casserole in the Maritimes. I did have it once, along with a number of interesting jellied salads, when I celebrated American Thanksgiving in Iowa. Also, crescent rolls, not so much around here, just plain dinner rolls. Thanks for your interest and the good wishes!

    • We certainly know about the green been casserole because of your magazines and cookbooks, but it doesn’t seem to be a biggie up here. Enjoy yours in a month or so!

    • We also don’t do the candy yam (with marshmallows) thing either.

      Happy Columbus Day.

  3. Great to see people larding with bacon – it makes the best drippings for gravy.

    • Maybe that’s the reason for the looming bacon shortage.

  4. Please find another location for these tweet thingies so I don’t have to scroll forever to find the blogs.

  5. Mmmm looks delicious, I am hungry all over again : )