Myanmar may be building bunkers for nuclear weapons -

Myanmar may be building bunkers for nuclear weapons

Leaked documents hints at cooperation between Burmese and North Korean officials


Newly released diplomatic cables show the U.S. fears Myanmar may be building bunkers to stash nuclear weapons in remote areas of the jungle, some 480-km from Rangoon. The 2004 cable, leaked by WikiLeaks, says Burmese workers are helping North Korea construct “a concrete-reinforced underground facility that is 500 feet from the top of the cave to the top of the hill above.” An estimated 300 workers were at the site, according to the document, which quotes a Burmese official. Another source said General Thura Shwe Mann, Burma’s de facto commander in chief, visited North Korea in 2008. Dockworkers and business people have suggested seeing suspicious cargo entering Burma in recent years too.

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Myanmar may be building bunkers for nuclear weapons

  1. Myanmar is now still under the power of the military government. There is no doubt North Korea and Myanmar are related. They are just threating other countries without any positive effect. They are not nations which should be doing well with other countries thinking benefits of each own country. Anyway, I'm sure we cannot have a future without cooperation.

  2. Although Burma junta denied their nuclear program,there is something happend already.

  3. Until the US and other powerful nations eliminate their stashes of nuclear weapons they have little hope of convincing others to do so.

    • Then all that will be left are the other nations stockpiles.

  4. like bepele the rocket scientist says, if america has nukes why not all nations. duh.

  5. Just send in Chuck Norris he'll get a 25 killstreak easy GAME OVER