Myanmar rejects final appeal by Aung San Suu Kyi -

Myanmar rejects final appeal by Aung San Suu Kyi

Activist’s house arrest to end on Saturday, as scheduled


Myanmar (formerly Burma) has rejected the final, largely symbolic, appeal of Aung San Suu Kyi, whose one-year house arrest sentence was set to end Saturday. The 65-year-old pro-democracy leader was convicted of violating national security after an American man showed up at her home and she allowed him to stay over. The man told her that God had sent him to warn her of an assassination plot. Myanmar’s junta made it illegal for Suu Kyi to have foreign visitors and she has been under close watch ever since she won a landslide victory in 1990, which the military refused recognize. In 1991, Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize for bravely insisting on democracy. With Suu Kyi safely locked up last week, Myanmar held its first election since 1990. Suu Kyi’s party refused to participate. According to officials, the army-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party won 80 per cent of the vote.

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Myanmar rejects final appeal by Aung San Suu Kyi

  1. Can somebody please explain to me why we're still seeing "Myanmar (former Burma)" every single time the country is mentioned in the press? It's been Myanmar since 1989.

    Nobody writes "Mumbai (formerly Bombay)" in every report about the city these days…and it's name was changed in 1995.

    Are we supposed to be (in these politically correct days) eschewing the name "Myanmar" as if not doing so lends some legitimacy to the military junta which took control of the country? If so, that makes it even more confusing to want to go back to "Burma" which was the anglicized name given the country after British colonization.

    How many other nations have changed their names or been split up to form new countries over the past 20 years? We don't refer to them as…"former…."

    Enough with the "former" tag!