N.S. cross-burner guilty of inciting hatred

Nova Scotia man hung a noose from cross and set it aflame on interracial couple’s lawn


Justin Chad Rehberg, 20, has been found guilty of inciting hatred for burning a cross on the lawn of an interracial couple in Poplar Grove, N.S., the first time cross-burning has been recognized as a hate crime in Canada. Rehberg had already pleaded guilty to a criminal harassment charge, and admitted to building the cross and setting it on fire, but his lawyer argued that there was no proof Rehberg incited others to action. In fact, he said, Rehberg caused the community to rally around the couple, who had also had their car burned in an earlier incident, and whose three children were home when the cross was set on fire and someone yelled “die n—-r die.” Rehberg’s brother Nathan was also charged with criminal harassment, public incitement of hatred, mischief and uttering threats in connection to the incident.

CBC News

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N.S. cross-burner guilty of inciting hatred

  1. 'Inciting' is like 'teaching'
    Teaching may not result in learning.
    Good teachers try; bad students don't learn.

    A good community wasn't incited to hate; but he tried.

  2. You thought you would get away with this on the grounds of free speech – didn't you?

  3. didn't you know!? in canada only one religion/cult is allowed to actually hate/incite hate (and it is not 'white').

    • They should send him down to say…New York State Penitentiary, and put him in with one of the Black, or Hispanic gangs…they just love silly white boyz that play with burning crosses…just a thought .

  4. He didn't burn the cross on his own lawn.

    And you probably aren't. I have no idea what Steyn thinks of cases like this in his heart of hearts, but his public persona veers sharply away from those who LOSE human rights cases