N.S. Greens coming apart?

Provincial party could lose official status


Only three years after the Green Party set up shop in Nova Scotia, it risks unraveling. The party missed the April deadline for filing financial information, which could prompt Elections Canada to strip it of its official status as a registered political party. After garnering three per cent of the vote in the 2006 provincial election, the party qualified for $300,000 in provincial funding—the bulk of its resources. As such, says longtime supporter Michael Marshall, the Green Party has “a heightened obligation to meet the letter of the law.”

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N.S. Greens coming apart?

  1. Astonishingly this band of half baked nitwits managed to get into Nova Scotia taxpayer's hard earned money to the tune of over 300 grand since 2007. In the election just held they managed to garner the support of a whopping 9600 votes. In one riding they ran a high school kid who was doing a political science project( I believe facing the electorate gave him an exemption from facing a final exam, at least the kid was no fool, but I digress). It appears the "party" is now faced with being cut off from more free money as they were too stupid to submit numbers to Elections Nova Scotia and they will lose party status. Clearly, the sooner the better. As a sidebar, it seems odd that appart from the campaign kick off Lizzie May was all but invisible during the campaign. Funny since she lives here. Other Federal parties flew notable people in to help. Of course in many places down here she is about as popular as a skunk at a church picnic. I'm sure however she will explain all this away as being too busy saving the planet by riding the rails like Boxcar Willy, between Peter Mackay's riding and Ottawa. You see to "save the planet" she chugges back and forth rather than fly.