NAFTA is "working very well" -

NAFTA is “working very well”

U.S. ambassador to Canada dismisses talk of re-opening free trade agreement


David Jacobson, the new U.S. ambassador to Canada, told a business audience on Wednesday that American officials have no intention of re-opening NAFTA. Though Washington may be inclined to add side deals on labour and the environment, “Fundamentally our view of NAFTA is that it is working very well,” he said. Jacobson also touched on the furor on this side of the border over “Buy American” provisions included in stimulus bills, saying “There have been a number of discussions as recently as Monday at very high levels between our government and your government in an effort to resolve these issues.”

The Canadian Press

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NAFTA is “working very well”

  1. I should say it is.. for the US. They violate it for years, and so we pay them a billion dollars and agree to hamstring our own industry because they simply can't compete. And now have to pay another penalty because the economic downturn means they suck even more.

    Add to that that it gives them assurances we can't restrict our supply of oil to them should we see reason to do so, and yeah, I'd say it's working very well for them.

  2. But I thought we were supposed to have lost control of all our fresh water by now. What's going on with that schedule?

  3. Yes, its working very well for the US, and a few Canadian business titans, but the rest of Canada has gotten the shaft since day 1. If you want to know the true effects of NAFTA and globalization in general, have a gander at Mel Hurtig's "The Truth About Canada". I will pre-emptively state that it uses StatsCan and OECD data to prove its point, and not opinion or rhetoric.