Naked painting of Stephen Harper hangs at Kingston Public Library


Before reading on take a look at this.

That oil on canvas painting is on display at the Kingston Public Library. Entitled Emperor Haute Couture, it features a nude Prime Minister Stephen Harper, lounging like Julius Caesar and being served a cup of Tim Hortons coffee. As Sun News reports, the painting by Kingston artist Margaret Sutherland is on display as part for the Kingston Arts Council annual juried show. And it can be yours for $5,000.

But some people in the Limestone City aren’t too happy about the painting’s location. The room where it hangs is frequented by children. As a result, library employees are taking down the painting every time the room holds a program that children are attending. “Parents were concerned about what was on the walls, and that kind of started off the process of the board looking at their policy on the use of library space for art exhibitions,” chief librarian Patricia Enright told the Kingston Whig-Standard. “And so it was trying to balance the needs of many stakeholders in terms of the room. And yes, while we do support kind of intellectual freedom, we were also kind of in a very difficult position because of the multi-use of the room.”

Sutherland is originally from New Brunswick, but attended Queen’s University in Kingston before graduating from the New York Academy of Art in 2001.

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Naked painting of Stephen Harper hangs at Kingston Public Library

  1. Oh I’m sure most kids are familiar with the ’emperor who has no clothes’ story.

  2. brilliant!

  3. Naked people! Our children must never see them!


  4. The artist was quite generous with his likeness. Maybe she should be hired to do the Official HoC portrait when Steevo returns to Cowtown?


  5. Ya im sure is this was naked pic of a female minister that this librarian would put it up in a public library in front of children.

  6. She got the smirk right.

  7. Conservatives are kind of strange, we have really big shoulders. She didn’t depict that though… I don’t find the PM all that conservative really so I don’t wonder why.

  8. My eyes! My EYES!!!

  9. Well this blows away the images of blue sweaters and kittens, lol
    A couple of cats rather than the dog would have been better. Lets see what kind of humour this attracts – should be good!!!

    Just saw some tweets #NudeHarperCaptions – not bad.

    “Is that transparent enough for you?”
    “Wanna play some In and Out?”

  10. Hey, at least she imagined him with a decent physique (for a guy in his mid-50s who probably doesn’t get out of the office much) – unless she short-changed him south of the equator. He should offer to buy.

    • I think he’s just 50. Most women at that age can still look pretty good in bikinis. He’s horrifically out of shape – no muscle definition – just flab.

  11. Like the part about the Tim Horton’s coffee. My guess is that it represents Harper pretending to be the common man, but really he represents the interests of wealthy businessmen. As Harper is exposed more and more before the public, what remains a mystery to me is the force that drives the hateful agenda. Bush Jr. was a crony capitalist who made a lot of money for him and his ilk with all his disastrous policies. Harper and the Western cranks, however, seem to be blindly following a path they know little about themselves. Harper is not the emperor. Someone somewhere is pulling his strings. And some mindless force of nature run amok pulls their strings.

  12. What will Dean del Mastro say?

  13. if people are so concerned then write her an email – I personally think we shouldn’t have to endure her sexual fantasy in a public place, lol …http://kfpl.ca/contact

  14. This comment was deleted.

    • Why wait? Paint it yourself!

  15. Now if only we could get Steve hung there too!

    • And speaking of hung (or not)

  16. Painting anyone in public office in the nude is disrespectful to the office they hold. The artist ought to feel shame for what she has done. There are some things which just should not be done and this crossed into that territory. I find it offensive.

    • Politicians have been drawn in the nude…and worse….for centuries.

  17. In my artistic sense I think the Art is fabulous with ‘historic’ view of past people who felt they where kings (of control) and transparancy!! LOL
    I truly believe the whole idea was great and speaks to his MIND (EGO) more than anything.
    She did a great job – I applaud her for what I guess to be her intent.

  18. Oh, he’s naked?
    Doesn’t he have a Sonny Bono vest on?

  19. The only problem,
    Julius Caesar is dead and him and his children can not see it

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