Name Coyne’s Blog II


Aight, here’s the deal. I’ve been quietly hoping AC would take the hint and name his blog on his own, but he’s being stubborn. So, it has come to this: Here are what I think are the best of the suggestions. Andrew has till the end of the weekend to pick one. If he refuses, I’m going to have to ask Ken Whyte to choose one, or — ARE YOU LISTENING ANDREW?? — ask Ken to come up with his own.


1. Andrew Coyne’s Blog (status quo option)
2. Andrew-POV (don’t spell it, say it. It’s great)
3. Coyne of the Realm (shit, but about 10 people suggested it)
4. Mint Coyne (submitted via my facebook site after I closed comments, you bloody stalkers)
5. Pro and Coyne (not bad, not bad at all)
6. Seriously, WTF? (Because you want Zen simplicity, AC? This is Zen simplicity)

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Name Coyne’s Blog II

  1. Number 6 … Number 6…

  2. are submissions over?

    what about “Coyneage” or “Two Sides to Coyne”

    I can’t come up with anything better.

  3. A flip of the Coyne?

  4. 6, 2, 1

  5. Although it has too many, er, negative connotations, Obverse Imprint came to mind. But even if nominations weren’t closed, I’m sure there would be objections to, er, the backside of a coin.

    But I can’t resist submitting it anyway….. ;-)

  6. Oops, momentary brain fart. That should be Obverse Impression.

  7. The solution is so simple, so beautiful, and right in front of us, yet we have been blind. It shouldn’t be Coyne of the Realm, it should be….

    Realm of the Coyne.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  8. Realm of the Coyne is great.

    (And if nominations were still open, I’d nominate:
    “Single-Sided Coyne” and “Coyne’s Toss”–as in “I couldn’t give a…”)

  9. 6… for sure

  10. Tourist: My name is Smoke-Too-Much.

    Travel Agent: What?

    Tourist: My name is Smoke-Too-Much. Mr. Smoke-Too-Much.

    Travel Agent: Well, you’d better cut down a bit then.

    Tourist: I’m sorry?

    Travel Agent: You’d better cut down a bit then.

    Tourist: Oh I see! Cut down a bit, for Smoke-Too-Much.

    Bounder: Yes, ha ha … I expect you get people making jokes about your name all the time, eh?

    Tourist: No, no. Actually, it never struck me before. Smoke… Too… Much! That’s very good!

    Potter, what’s got into you? Suppose I hold a contest to rename your blog Hairy Potter or Potter’s Weal or whatever other ghastly witticism occurs to my readers? I am not going to put some lame pun on my name atop my blog, and I don’t care how many shut-ins you line up behind it.
    Look, the only one I can stand (aside from Seriously, WTF?, which I don’t think would get past the censors) is Citizen Coyne. But we’re not going to call it that, and that’s that. Have you read no Fowler?

  11. You gentlemen can have your silly name. We ladies will be happy with a new photo – the current one does not do justice to the magnificence of the Coyne.

  12. Erm.

    Citizen Coyne sounds good.

  13. I didn’t know Andrew Coyne smokes…

  14. I’d just like to point out that I didn’t get to name *my* blog. If I had, I would’ve called it BlackBerry Jungle. But I’ve kind of developed a grudging affection for ITQ, as a name, even though no one in Ottawa ever actually uses that phrase to describe it. Inside The Asylum would be more accurate.

  15. What kady said. I didn’t get to name my blog either; if I had, it would be called Fuckin A or Totally Bitchin or something like that.

    But I have grown to love Potter Gold, just as Andrew Coyne will soon become devoted to…

    Coyne of the Realm.

    Wells is right.

  16. Wait — what does Feschuk think?

  17. I can think of a few funny ones. Sadly, they are all in french, and nearly all inappropriate. The Coyneium? I’m Right? Top of the Bottom? (seems aporpriate given what he likes to blog about)

  18. metaphorically speaking. Quite often you are seeming to be convinced that we are hitting the bottom of the barrel. Whilst not agreeing with you overly, I do appreciated your journalistic efforts. hence, ‘top of the bottom’

  19. to KK:

    I suggested “Citizen Coyne” on the first, “Name Coyne’s Blog” thread around 24 hrs ago. I liked it, and apparently, so do you. Nice.

  20. It is quite the statement that this conversation — this one! — is more thoughtful, funny, and diverse than the horrid comments on CBC, the Globe, or the various others. It gives me hope.

    What’s that? Hope for the planet, you say? No, no, I just meant hope that we’ll get more humourous bickering from the Maclean’s team to distract us from the trouble outside.

  21. (to) coyne a phrase

    the punniness of his surname tells me why he prefers the less clever option

  22. ps

    ‘name coyne’s blog’ isn’t a bad submission

  23. I agree, jbro.

  24. Coyne Fed! Coyne Fed!

    But seriously, 2-5 are lame. 6 is cute but confusing. I’d say stick with 1 until something better comes up. At the very least, just drop the ‘Blog’. “Andrew Coyne” has nice brand power on its own.

  25. I’m with Andrew C, don’t name the blog, name the comments section instead.

    Thinkless Shells

  26. Kady’s comment is most illuminating. It shows that there are unfair rules governing Macleans blogs. Who gets to choose the names? Company politics, ahhh, makes me want to retire right now head for the hills….

    I think the only equitable solution is to allow Andrew his freedom, and to extend the same right to Kady (and any other blogger who’s title was forced on them).

    I am very fond of Seriously, WTF? It does seem to apply to all of Macleans political commentary, not just ACs. Maybe rename the boring Blog Central to Seriously, WTF? And if that won’t pass by those pesky censors, how about Seriously, What the Hell?

    Scratch that last, it doesn’t have quite the same impact.

  27. How about:

    Grumpy Coyne.

    Coyne, The Contrarian.


    @ Issue with Coyne; or

    Coyne, The Great.

  28. In defence of the corporate powers that be, I do recall, vaguely, being asked if I had any ideas for a name, but I was so shocked (with glee, mind you) at the prospect of having my very own blog that I couldn’t come up with anything. Like Saki’s Vera, romance at short notice is my specialty – not clever puns. (The title of my first post, for the record: Kady the Parliament Slayer.)

  29. Coyne, The Great? Could be funny…

  30. That was seriously funny, Richard.

  31. “AC 180°”

    In recognition of his contrarian side.

  32. Kady’s blog should also have a name. How about the O’Malley Factor?

  33. I suggested option 1. so I’ll stick with it.

  34. “Bloody stalker”?

    Man, I’m gonna have to update my résumé and business card again…

  35. Can’t believe no-one’s posted this one, either:


  36. **SIGH**

    Of course they did. I just didn’t search every freakin’ post on the subject.

    “Pull, Lemuel, pull!”

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