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Nik’s back and there’s gonnna be numbers. Here’s his latest on leadership:

Budget Performance Question:

For each of the following leaders I would like you to rate their performance in handling the federal budget as very good, good, average, poor or very poor.

Net Leader Performance in Handling the Budget

Michael Ignatieff +21 (n=1,000)
Gilles Duceppe +18 (n=263)*
Stephen Harper +15 (n=1,000)
Jack Layton -6 (n=1,000)

*Note: Quebec only

Net Performance is calculated by subtracting those who thought a leader had done a poor or very poor job of handling the budget from those who thought a leader had done a good or very good job.

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  1. So Jack Layton was right in the spring of 2005: leaders would be judged on their willingness to make Parliament work.

    • Or, in this case, their willingness to make an atrocious budget work.

      • I agree with you, even though I support the Liberals. These kinds polls don’t tell anyone anything meaningful.

        Any honest Liberal will tell you that Ignatieff’s support for the budget was simply to avoid an election and since then, it’s been nothing but carping from the Liberals (and good for them). Politics at its best/worst.

        • Any honest Liberal

          When you find one, let me know… Baaaazing! Hiyo ho ho ho.

          • I left that purposely unqualified, I’ll have you know.

    • Gilles Duceppe +18

      Is Gilles making Parliament work?

  2. Let me know when a pollster gives us some measure of what the people they surveyed actually understand about any of these leaders’ performances (which is likely very little). It bears repeating that measures of perception among the citizenry are important only for politicians, not for the rest of us.

  3. Personally I am very happy with Nicks poll as I would have thought Harper’s numbers would be way worse. Who would have thought : here we have a PM in a brand new second term with only 12 seats to get a majority and from a minority situation, conducting a shooting war in a foreign country and taking the heat for the worse global economic crisis since the depression resulting in the biggest deficit ever … and … his numbers are still respectable – has to be the wisdom of the canadian voter at play and that’s for sure. If a person were polling web forums Harper would be the most hated PM since Trudeau – strange days indeed … god I love canadian politics!

  4. More information is needed with this poll. The key question isn’t who is +X or -X, but rather who said thumbs up and who thumbs down. If Harper got thumbs ups from people that would vote for him anyway, it is hardly a win for him. If thumbs down from left wing NDP’ers in Toronto, I don’t think he is losing any sleep. Approval ratings are an ineffective tool in a multiparty system.