Naomi Klein tells world to get over its crush on Obama -

Naomi Klein tells world to get over its crush on Obama

Author says blaming Bush for everything is ‘false’


Naomi Klein, who was just awarded the inaugural $90,000 Warwick Prize for Writing in the UK for her best-selling book The Shock Doctrine, delivers harsh criticism of President Obama in an interview with the Times of London. The new president’s claim that “everything went wrong only eight years ago with the election of George W.Bush” is false, says Klein, who traces problems to  President Bill Clinton’s removal of Depression-era restrictions that prevented investment banks from also being commercial banks, his administration’s refusal to regulate the derivatives industry and its failed economic policy. “Frankly,” she says, “there was a huge amount of intellectual dishonesty in the election campaign and it’s weird that some people are still wearing T-shirts with a picture of the most powerful man in the world on them. They have to get over their crush and treat him for what he is – head of the largest military and economy in the world.” In Italy, she notes, students are brandishing the slogan ‘We won’t pay for the crisis.’ It’s only that kind of dynamic that will lead to real change, says Klein who credits British PM Gordon Brown with  better handling of the banking crisis. “In the US, the love for Obama is a real liability,” she says.

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Naomi Klein tells world to get over its crush on Obama

  1. She’s right. The fawning over Obama has got to stop. So must the automatic endorsement of the USian assumption that the USA is the “leader of the free world.”

    There was a lot to question during Obama’s election campaign, not least the lack of substance in his speeches. Hope. Change. They sound good. But what the heck do they mean in terms of policy?

    • You, like Naomi Klein, fail to consider the following important points.


      I am not an obamabot, but I feel the many cogent arguments they put forth have not been in the discussion thus far.

    • Ya know, I just have the feeling that she’s a little miffed that she, the great seer and know it all about everything, wasn’t included in his inner circle and he isn’t hanging off her every pronouncement like her fellow sister Hillory would, if only she had been elected, the way it was supposed to be. Cheers.

      • jealousy? wow. and she’s down with Hillary? oh brother. did she criticize Hillary for playing the race card? at the time, seemed like Hillary was suggesting that an “action” might happen to Obama when she paralleled his campaign with Bobby Kennedy’s. We all know what happened to Bobby in June, right? basically were Hillary’s words. After all she represented the “White” ppl; you know, the hard-working ppl.

    • Give Obama a break. He’s only been in power for how long?

      Where was Klein when Harper was doing his spinning?

      Oh yeah. Big Brother Brown is doing a great job.

  2. If more people would read and understand Naomi ‘s in depth analysis of globalism and this broken and advanced state of capitalism, we would all now have better leaders and better elected governments.

  3. I found the real value in No Logo wasn’t so much its economic analysis of globalisation (there wasn’t much there) but its condemnation of branding as elaborate and sophisticated propaganda to hide the underlying reality of production and consumption. It didn’t hit complete absurdity until whoever it was was hired by the Bush administration to “re-brand” the United States in the rest of the World.

  4. I agree with Klein in that what’s happening with banks is not marxism or socialism but I would argue that it’s fascism or totalitarianism (pols and big business working together). Don’t agree with much else she says in that article. How she can praise Brown for his performance is beyond me because he’s played a significant role in almost bankrupting the entire banking industry in UK. Making Lloyds, a well run bank, buy troubled HBOS is perfect example of his ineptitude. Instead of having one bank in trouble, he now has two.

  5. Naomi always has a few good points but goes for the Shlock effect like a radio talk show host or a popular political pundit – every time .. although her book shock doctrine gets uncomfortably close to reality in a weirdly uncomfortable way! I must admit I like this lady’s style …. Her points above are spot on though and drive lefties crazy which gets her a political cookie from me.

  6. “I agree with Klein in that what’s happening with banks is not marxism or socialism but I would argue that it’s fascism or totalitarianism (pols and big business working together).”

    That is neither fascism nor totalitarianism. If anything, it would be corporatism. Even that is a poor descriptor of your situation.

    Singaporeanism or Japanonism would be the best way to describe “pols and big business working together.”

  7. yes, we must stop it right now!

    after all we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time; we can’t appreciate Obama and be critical of valid issues (or him) at the same time. i guess i’m gonna have to lose my flava for Nelson Mandela too then. What about Steven Biko? or Martin Luther King, Jr.? oh oh.

    come on. give us more credit than that Naomi. an inspiring person is an inspiring person. period. i wonder how she explains away the gushing praise for her then?

    • She is not talking about an appreciation for Obama. She is talking about fawning obsession and total uncritical devotion.

      • so ppl can’t be too exuberant right? he made a real impact. i think it’s good for ppl even if they do go a little crazy. his nomination has had a much deeper impact than many realize. maybe she’s worried about the letdown. but knowing that she’s down with Hillary makes me a lot skeptical of her stern advice.

      • i’m aware of what she means; no need to condescend

  8. Klein getting it right on Obama – even stopped clocks get the time right twice a day.

  9. Uh, I think Naomi Klein has her facts mixed up. Deregulation in the USA on a massive scale was begun by the “sainted” Ronald Reagan (friend of Thatcher) and his cronies when Saint Ron took office. There was a time in this country when everything that went wrong from your home washer and dryer to late trains was blamed on Bill Clinton. Now, despite Right Wing propaganda attempts to keep it that way the halo is falling off Saint Regan’s head and ,hopefully, “keep on deregulatin,y’all” Saint Ronald’s brazen successors the chief fleecers of the USA ,George W.Bush and cohorts will soon face Dante’s Inferno in the hot seats reserved for crooks and liars.

    • The most serious act of Wall Street deregulation was in 1999 under Clinton. Under Reagan they did not repeal the laws they ignored them. Under Clinton-Gore the laws that had regulated Wall Street
      were removed.

  10. You people better start speaking nice about President Obama. He is our President, by the people, for the people and of the people. Sounds like yo uare all just jealous of hime and his massive intelligence.

  11. Has anybody actually investigated whether Obama is God? I mean, it’s all fine and dandy to say, “Stop treating the guy like he’s God” as long as he isn’t God, but it would be absurd to say “Stop treating God like he’s God,” in the event that Obama actually is God. It would be worth looking into.