NASA aims for asteroids

Obama abandons plans to return to the moon


U.S. President Barack Obama has told NASA workers in Florida that they should focus on asteroids, Mars, and more robotic missions instead of planning a return to the moon. Visiting an asteroid would teach us a lot about space, Reuters reports: they can tell scientists how planets form, and might also contain primordial elements that helped make the early solar system. NASA could also learn how to break them up if needed. NASA’s Near Earth Object Program has identified over 1,000 potentially hazardous asteroids, although none are on a collision course with Earth.


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NASA aims for asteroids

  1. i don't think they would learn much more than they already know , other than that they can land something on an astroid …meanwhile a few million people are homeless in the usa

  2. Very little imagination to this president. Obama's commitment to land on an asteroid lacks the panache that came from Jack Kennedy. Neil Armstrong's comments were quite accurate.

    The space exploration naysayers drone their same song as their predecessors did in the 60s. No doubt there were many of the same ilk that spouted the similar rhetoric from their mugs of ale or goblets of wine when men set out to find a western route to China.

    • i would support sending advanced machines to mars or asteroids ..there is no real purpose of sending a human except to say that you did.. also it is kind of reckless at least at this point in time as there is a high probability a person won'
      t make it back

    • How can a government in debt up to its eyeballs justify manned prestige runs to the moon? At least asteroid research can bring some security to the whole planet. The 60s were about upstaging the commies, the motivations were always rooted in domestic affairs then and now; it's just that the priorities are different now.

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