NASA finds entirely new form of life -

NASA finds entirely new form of life

Doesn’t share building blocks of anything on Earth


NASA is set to deliver an important press conference today, but hours before, news has leaked they’ll be announcing the discovery of a new form of life – one that doesn’t share biological building blocks of anything currently living on Earth, Wired reports. NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe Simon will announce they’ve found a bacteria whose DNA is alien to what we know. Discovered in the poisonous Mono Lake in California, it’s made of arsenic, which was thought to be impossible. The press conference is to take place at 2 pm Eastern.


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NASA finds entirely new form of life

  1. Aliens amongst us…and I'm sure there are lots more than one kind.

  2. First, this bacteria wasn't like this when they found it. They coaxed it to alter the DNA . Second, an entirely new form of life wouldn't have DNA at all, it would be entirely different.

    Are the "scientists" so desperate to find life elsewhere that the are calling this a new life form, come on. IAnd I have a Ponds-Fleischman cold fusion generator for sale.

    • Do you work for us or something?… coz i dont know of any Pat working in the labs downstairs.

    • You must have, given your understanding of science, not to mention the article.

      :rolls eyes:

    • Your post seems to contradict itself. first, you say that it's DNA changed, and then it's not a new life form?

      It adapted to live in arsenic of all things. It's toxic to humans, and pretty much everything else. It it's DNA changed to do THIS, then it's completely different from all other forms of life on Earth, ergo a new species- or subspecies of a type of- bacteria. In either case, it's a new kind of life form.

      Plus, as a pointer, all life would require DNA to exist, or else it wouldn't be alive in the first place. Why you say otherwise, I have no idea.

  3. Found in California!Why would anyone be surprised?The guys at Nasa must not get out much.

  4. Dark matter of outer space is made up of info cells of all Earth. We are not made for this planet but are made of it. It is the reason for the familiar make up of life in times past.

    If there is a nook or cranny any where in our Universe that conditions will allow evolution of Earth life, it has happened.

    What I am excitingly waiting for is news that one of our robots has
    successfully penetrated another universe. If so this would confirm that our info cells known as dark matter or energy also could and life as we know it will be. bruce voigt

  5. I believe there are other intellegent life forms in the galaxy. Not just bacteria. It's just that humans haven't developed technology for finding extraterrnials. Except they probaly won't be what we think they are like. Or maybe I'm completey on the wrong track? It's creepy to know (or not know) that the universe goes on forever (maybe not(but if you think about it(Are we in a world inside another world that is inside another world(I'm really confused)))).

    Where did we come from anyway? (I know, primates, but where did the primates come from?(Sorry if you are religous))

    Who came up with the word "alien" anyway?

  6. NASA also announced that the universe is bigger than thought, 300 sextillion stars (3 followed by 23 zeros!!) ..the universe is so big that even if there were life it would probably not make it here to visit .. it's almost guaranteed however that we will find some sort of bacteria probably not in the form that we imagined.. it's just common sense that life elsewhere will not have to be made up of the same building blocks of here