NASA turns focus to Mars

New program will extend life of space station to at least 2020


NASA has announced plans to revamp the U.S. space program in order to develop technology that will send people to Mars, it announced Thursday. This program will see the development of commercial space taxi services, and will also encircle the planet with satellites to monitor climate change, Reuters reports. President Barack Obama proposed adding $2 billion to NASA’s $18 billion annual budget starting on October 1, which people involved say should result in the creation of more jobs. Meanwhile, NASA is retiring three space shuttles in the fall over cost and safety concerns after three more missions.


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NASA turns focus to Mars

  1. Using private space taxis makes a great deal of sense. It ought to lead to significant reductions of cost to orbit.

  2. let's make Duceppe our first astronaut to Mars

  3. I have an idea – rather than build a new moonstation – just strap on a few extra booster packs an drive the space station to the moon – 1/6 the gravity pobably wouldn't take much fuel to land it … then cover it with sand and presto home sweet home!

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