Naslund to the Rangers


Big news for Canucks fans: Markus Naslund is off to the Rangers for $8 million over two years. This clears the way for a new first-line centre. Gee, who could that be?


Naslund to the Rangers

  1. Oh I’m starting to feel badly for the Canucks. Mike Gillis made a splash, leaking the details of his big offer for Sundin…but that could backfire if Sundin comes back and picks another club. (I think he will pick another club by the way. Detroit may be out now that they’ve signed Hossa, but I think New York, Montreal or Toronto are still the front-runners.)
    Then he tries to grab Backes with a low-ball offer sheet, that puts him on the black list of many GMs. Now Naslund walks away, and it sounds like Morrison won’t re-sign either. The ‘nucks could be in for a loooong season.
    Fortunwately, Luongo likes lots of shots. It’s going to be like his florida days all over again.

  2. Agreed. Vancouver is in deep s***. Apparently New York had dropped out of the Sundin contest, but now that Jagr appears headed to Omsk, look for Sather to resume his efforts to land Sundin—with lots of cap space.

    Meantime, both Gainey and Fletcher can wait all summer for Sundin. Gainey because he has a plausible starting lineup already, plus $9 million of cap space, Fletcher because the Leafs are prepared to suffer a losing season as they retool, with or without the big man.

    Gillis (no relation) enjoys no such luxury, and trust me, Canucks fans are underrated in the crankiness department. If Gillis fails to land Mats, he is in for a rough ride.

    We’re also about to see if he’s any kind of manager. Any fool can throw around cash. But can you build? Can you deal for good prospects? Can you scout pros on other teams? Can you scout Swiss, Slovak, Latvian amateurs? Hell, can you HIRE the guys who perform these vital functions?

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