Place your bets: Nate Silver predicts the Super Bowl outcome


The statistician who successfully predicted President Barack Obama’s November election victory, and attracted a lot of controversy along the way, has turned his attention to sports statistics, just in time for the Super Bowl match up between the 49ers and the Ravens on Sunday.

In a column published in The New York Times Wednesday, Nate Silver comes out slightly in favour the 49ers, noting that the stronger defensive team is, statistically, more likely to win. And, the 49ers appear to have a better defence lined up than the Ravens.

However, Silver’s case isn’t rock solid. Take the 1969 match up between the Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs, for instance. “The Vikings may have had the best defence of any Super Bowl team, but they lost to the team with the eighth-best Super Bowl defence, the Kansas City Chiefs,” writes Silver.

Also, before you place bets, there is this previous prediction. Silver predicted the Patriots and the Seahawks would be the final two teams in the Super Bowl.


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