National Assembly passes controversial Quebec City arena bill

Measure divided Parti Québécois, may increase city’s chance of regaining NHL team


Quebec City has moved one step closer to getting an NHL hockey team Wednesday after the provincial government passed a controversial bill designed to shield the city’s new arena from legal challenge. Bill 204 declares the city’s deal with media giants Quebecor to run the arena legal. It aims to pre-empt any lawsuits challenging the status of the partnership. Debate over the bill exposed deep rifts in the Parti Québécois. Five MNAs left the party over the issue. The NHL has not promised Quebec another team.

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National Assembly passes controversial Quebec City arena bill

  1. And yet another new separatist party is formed in the process . . .

    Can someone who’s more familiar with Quebec Civil Law than I am tell me if it’s legal for a provincial legislative body to declare a contract legal or illegal?  I’m pretty sure that this would be in domain of the courts in the Common Law systems in the rest of the country.

  2. There’s is not the ‘common law’ system, of the other provinces. Watch them attempting to blackmaill ottawa into paying for this facility in due course.

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