National government likely behind IMF hack -

National government likely behind IMF hack

Resources put into attack indicate state involvement, experts say


Security experts suspect government involvement may have played a role in a recent hacking of the International Monetary Fund’s computer system. Although the IMF hasn’t released enough information about the hack to be certain, experts say the sophisticated nature of the attack and the resources required to execute it indicate a nation-state was involved. They believe the hacker installed software on a single computer that sent scam e-mails to specific victims. An internal IMF memo said “suspicious file transfers” were detected. If experts’ suspicions turn out to be correct, the incident wouldn’t be the first example of state-sponsored hacking in recent months. The Chinese government was recently accused of hacking Gmail accounts of hundreds of US officials, military personnel and journalists.

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National government likely behind IMF hack

  1. This should worry us more than almost anything in the news today.

  2. Such chicanery works both ways. National governments need to spy on other governments’  computer network systems. Organizations must recognize and adjust to open, accesible information systems.

  3. Doesn’t have to be another nation…there are millions of hackers all over the world

  4. China’s ambition is something people should be concerned of.  In Asia, many
    countries are aware and very worried of China’s beyond normal military hyper
    activeness.  India, Vietnam, and other neighboring Asian countries are
    busy reequipping and revitalizing their military in preparedness when China makes an aggressive move.  It is worrisome that Europe and America’s eyes are
    focused somewhere else and are blind to the threat coming from this ambitious behemoth.

    • China hasn’t attacked anyone in 5000 years. They’re not about to start now.