NATO asks for more troops, Canada says no -

NATO asks for more troops, Canada says no

Canada turned down direct plea for more troops in Afghanistan


Ottawa rejected a direct plea from NATO to send more troops into southern Afghanistan in the lead-up to last year’s Afghan presidential election, according to federal documents. The briefing note, which was prepared for Defence Minister Peter MacKay, revealed that both NATO and the U.S. expected Canada to send extra troops to Kandahar in advance of an anticipated wave of Taliban aggression, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. Comments on the briefing paint a larger picture: “It will be important to communicate to allies — and perhaps the Canadian public — that Canada is already contributing significant military resources to the region where the threat of election-related violence is the highest. While the CF will review and assess future NATO requests for supplementary election forces, allies should understand that Canada is already contributing to the maximum extent possible.”

Winnipeg Free Press

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NATO asks for more troops, Canada says no

  1. We have final got a goverment that will not be pushed into any more of this so called war Harper has been blamed for our troops being in it but it was the dam Liberals that sent them there in the first place. as far as I am concerned we had no business there to start with as it was Bush that started the war and he could have ended it anytime with a few nuclear bombs and good riddance to the taliban cowards that hide behind children.

  2. Canadas contribution as an ally is to say at the least, dissapointing. Our 2700 troops are mired down in administration, training and demobilization for the grand return to Canada. The sad legacy here is that many of our most favoured sons have given their lives in what mounts to a half hearted effort in Afganistan. What was Canada trying to accomplish in southern Afganistan with 800 combat troops as that is all there was available with the rest dedicated to admin and training. The Yanks moved in 40,000 troops and have made the Canadian presence anemic, so much so in fact that Canadians no longer operate the base they set up and the Americans are now in charge. The Americans must look at their alles and shake their heads knowing full well that when push come to shouve supprt just isnt there in any real way and that they can only count on themselves. It is that kind of tough that makes America great and her allies weak kneed sisters.

    • If Canada had started the war they would have been there as we had nothing to do with it we have no business there especially fighting a bunch of cowards like the Taliban.

    • The argument can be made that it was America that abandoned Canada first, when they went off to conquer Iraq for Halliburton. Had they stayed focused on Afghanistan we.. well.. to be honest, I'm not sure if things would have been a lot better in Afghanistan anyway. The place is a basket case of corruption

      However, the point is that the reason the only people the Americans can count on is themselves is they're the only people who can count on them.

  3. Canada has made a right decision; at least this time. Canada should stop supporting the U.S. military missions, unless all Canadians are convinced that our soldiers are really fighting for a good cause. The war in that region is a very complicated issue and history may one day tell us that the wars in that region including Afghan were no more sacred than the Korean War or the Vietnam War. After all, Canada should reserve her resources to help the world on various issues without sending one single soldier.

  4. The Americans have been complaining about Canada's perceived participation in Afghanistan for quite a while now. Hillary came here to give a sermon on our planned pull out from Afghanistan next year, only to find out later that the Americans had all along planned to start pulling out the same year too. The last time I have heard, Canadian military personnels went into Taliban infested villages first to clean them up before Americans took over. Canadian military might not have the same numbers as Americans, as we are so small in population in comparison to the US, but those Canadians that are there, handled and succeeded in situations that are extremely difficult. What is wrong with the Americans, that they can't even get their facts right? Are they planning to make us their sacrificial lambs, so their inefficiency will be overlooked by their voters?

  5. Thank God canada has PM strong enough to bring our troops home